Ohio Citizens PAC VIDEO from Tom Z

Please watch this short video where I explain what the Ohio Citizens PAC is about and what we are doing as Movement to restore representative government.

Tom Zawistowski



1 thought on “Ohio Citizens PAC VIDEO from Tom Z”

  1. Thank you very much for your time and for what you are doing for our great state and country.

    I was active in Oath Keepers and the Akron Tea Party now I am involved in a movement that we believe 90 % of our fellow Americans will support, Personal Responsibility. The focal point of this movement will be the building of the Statue of Responsibility. We are planning to make this the biggest and most important grassroots/ We the People, movement of the 21 Century and I would like Ohio to take a lead role in this movement.

    Please review our website for more information, thank you again for your time.

    Art Drentlau Director Advisory Council for The Statue of Responsibility.


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