Controversy over House Speaker Vote Continues Not One Representative willing to Admit voting for Rosenberger in “Secret” Poll

Akron, OH – The controversy over next Monday’s, January 5, 2015, vote for Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives continues as not one Representative is willing to admit to their constituents that they intend to vote for the announced “secret” straw poll winner Cliff Rosenberger from Cincinnati. Several supporters of challenger Jim Butler have filled out and returned the Ohio Citizen PAC House Speaker survey. While citizens all over the state have been asking Representatives to explain who they intend to vote for and why, few have been willing to disclose this information to their constituents. Leading many to question “if those votes were not coerced through threats and bribes, why is no one willing to proudly stand and say that they support Rosenberger and explain why he is the best choice?” Reports continue to come in indicating that the Governor is choosing the new House Speaker and that Representatives are concerned about political retribution if they do not support the Governor’s man Cliff Rosenberger.

Leon Neisius from Fairfield County reported that “I spent almost two hours two days ago with Tim Schaffer, who will be the new House Representative for the Northern part of Fairfield County (district 77). I asked him who he voted for the House Speaker and he said they were in caucus and he could not reveal.  He did not say much except to make some remarks to the effect that the Governor’s men got involved.”

Chuck Laughlin from Lake County reported that he talked to Ron Young (R-61), a veteran of the Ohio House, and Young indicted that if he did not vote for Roseberger “he would lose his chance at a chairmanship and wouldn’t get any consideration on any legislation for his district.”

Gary Woodburn from Zanesville said “I have mailed (the) survey form to my representative Brian Hill (R-97) 3 times (twice by certified mail) and phoned his office. He has not responded.”  In his letter to Representative Hill, Mr. Woodburn asks his Representative if his vote for Speaker on January 5, 2015 will be consistent with Republican Values and raises the concerns about the values and voting record of the proposed Leadership team that were raised by Citizens for Community Values Action about Representatives Barbara Sears and Dorothy Pelanda. He refuses to answer.

Batchelder with Muzzle 1983 Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, said “The total lack of transparency among our elected representative concerning what is in fact the most critical vote any of them will make in the next two years is reprehensible. Particularly in light of the shameful actions of the outgoing Speaker Bill Batchelder in the lame duck session before the holidays. In a move reeking of irony, Speaker Batchelder single handedly killed the Heartbeat Bill by intentionally failing to recognize Representative Matt Lynch who was attempting to make a motion to lawfully attach the Heartbeat Bill to another bill that ultimately passed and became law. A young Representative Bathchelder in 1983 was so outraged by Democrat Speaker Vern Riffe doing the same thing to him that he wore a dog muzzle on the House floor! Now as one of his final acts as Speaker, as Republican Speaker, he intentionally denied a Republican Representative his right to lawfully act in the interest of the citizens in his district and this state who support the Heartbeat Bill.

Furthermore, the same day, he used a parliamentary procedure to deny Representative John Adams the same right to attach a bill repealing CommonCore to another bill, even though most Republicans in the Ohio House ran on a platform opposed to the implementation of CommonCore in Ohio. The Governor wants CommonCore and Batchelder followed orders to the very end. Why would any Representative vote to continue this tyranny by the Governor, vote to give up their right to represent the views and values of their constituents, unless they were forced to do so?”

Zawistowski concluded “The outrageous and shameful actions of Speaker Batchelder demonstrate how important it is to have a co-equal independent Ohio House of Representatives as required by the Ohio Constitution. A place where all citizens can have their views represented. Instead it is clear, that the vast majority of our Representative’s first act, after swearing an oath to uphold the Ohio Constitution, will be to violate that oath, by giving into the threats and bribes of the Governor’s agents and allowing the Governor to dictate to them that they must vote for Cliff Rosenberger or face political retribution. Thus, dooming the House to the undignified role of simply being a rubber stamp for the Governor’s agenda for the next two years regardless of the wishes of the citizens they represent.  This is what is wrong with government and what citizens hate about government. The action on January 5, 2015 by our “Representatives” will confirm that our government is a fraud, that it does not work for the people, but only for the powerful and politically connected.  We in fact have NO Representation. Therefore we have no choice but to act to protect our Constitutional rights by changing the system and those within the system. We look forward to recruiting 2016 primary challengers for all those who vote for Rosenberger. What better platform to run on than the fact that the incumbent refused to uphold the Ohio Constitution and in his/her first vote they voted for a leadership team that goes against the very values that they ran on to get elected?”

CCV Action Expresses “Deep Concerns” over Values of Proposed New Ohio House Leadership



December 16, 2014

Contact: Charles Tassell



Citizens for Community Values Action is deeply concerned about the potential leadership choices for the Ohio State House. Our research into the voting record of some of the Representatives proposed for the leadership team, rightfully raises questions about their qualifications for leadership roles. Their voting records should also cause concerns for many elected House members who ran as conservatives in the November election, particularly if they ran as social-conservatives.

We, and our members, would certainly expect Representatives to vote for a leadership team that represents their values as well as the values of their district, particularly those who were endorsed by Citizens for Community Values Action PAC.

Barbara Sears (R 47):

Supporting abortion language in Medicaid expansion,

Opposed to Common Core Reform,

Co-sponsoring Needle Exchange language,

Opposed Pro-life legislation.

Dorothy Pelanda (R-86):

Support of Sexual Orientation Rights, HB 163

Sponsored Sexual orientation language for HB 624

Supporting abortion language in Medicaid expansion,

Opposed gateway sex-ed,

No pro-life endorsement.

“We encourage all Ohio Citizens concerned with values to speak with their representative-elect and discuss voting on House-leadership based on their votes, positions, and values. In addition, we encourage Representatives to vote their conscience, and their campaign promises.” stated Charles Tassell, Vice President of Citizens for Community Values Action.


CCV Action, the non-profit and tax-exempt legislative action arm of Citizens for Community Values was founded in 2004 to promote the common good and general welfare, primarily by means of education and direct and grassroots lobbying in support of laws and protect the sanctity of human life, marriage and the family, and which are consistent with principles of good government.

CCV Action is a 501(c)(4), non-profit education and lobbying organization based in Cincinnati, OH and is dedicated to preserving and advancing the interests of family, faith, and freedom in the political arena.

CCV Action seeks to fortify the traditional foundations of civil society through efforts to educate, inform and influence elected officials in support of the country’s historic ideals of equality under the law, and the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on which the nation was founded.


Response to Letter Published in Columbus Dispatch dated 12/13/14

Titled: Republican’s to TEA Party: Stop Costing us elections

Dear Mr. Smith,

I thank you for writing your letter to the Editor is the 12/13/14 edition of the Columbus Dispatch. It gives me the opportunity to correct the misinformation you presented, that has been invented and propagated by Karl Rove and the Republican Establishment to hide their failures and corrupt activities by blaming the TEA Party for their election disasters.

Let me begin by correcting your first misstatement, when you say “they attack Republicans, not Democrats.” Would you accept our defeating the sitting Ohio Democratic Party Chairman in the past election as factual evidence that we “attack” Democrats as well as Republicans? Not to mention the five year war we have waged, at times with little Republican support, with President Obama, whom I am pretty sure is a Democrat, over Obamacare?

Next let me help you see how Rove and company have lied to you and other Republicans to distort the election results you site from 2010 and 2012 to cover their corrupt activities. In 2010, you sight the losses by “TEA Party” Republican candidates Ken Buck in CO, O’Donnell in DE, and Angle in NV. However, Rove and company don’t want you to remember the “TEA Party” wins by Mike Crapo in ID, Mike Lee in UT, John Hoeven in ND, Jerry Moran in KS and Tom Coburn in OK do they? But here is the real secret they don’t want you to know. Buck lost in Colorado by less than 1% and Angle lost in NV by only 5.2% and Mr. Rove and company did NOTHING to support these REPUBLICAN candidates. Both of whom experts agree could have won if Rove and the Establishment did not INTENTIONALLY withhold funding.

In 2012, if is a fact that Establishment Republican Senate Candidates lost more races than TEA Party Candidates, and by larger margins, despite Chief RINO herder Carl Rove spending a BILLION dollars on their candidates. Ever since 2012 they have been trying to distract the gullible GOP donors, like you, by trying to blame the TEA Party, when Rove and Company deserve all the blame. See here is the other secret I will let you in on. After TEA Party Republicans have won Senate primaries fair and square, Rove and company not only don’t support them, the Republican candidate, they actually undermined them. Proving, once again, that the Liberal Republican Establishment you have been misled by, would rather have a Democrat win than a Conservative Republican they don’t control.

Your statement that we don’t understand that we must win the general elections is as inaccurate as your saying that the TEA Party cost “us”, meaning the Republicans, the Senate in 2010 and 2012. Funny how you don’t count the HISTORIC 64 seat TEA Party fueled House wins in the 2010 GENERAL ELECTION as our understanding the process. Do you see any inconsistency here? We can win House seats but not Senate seats which are much more expensive to run. Who controls the money, the TEA Party or Rove and Company? Who’s fault is it when we don’t win Senate seats due to our candidates not having enough money? Who cost the Republicans the Senate the Establishment or the TEA Party?

The latest Gallop Poll (Sept ’14) showed that 24% of ALL Americans affiliate with the TEA Party and that 42% of Republican consider themselves TEA Party members. So your statement that only 1 in 5 Republicans are in the TEA Party appears to be grossly inaccurate. This was never more evident in November 2014 when it was the TEA Party that caused the Republicans to take control of the Senate. You point to Roberts, McConnell, Cochran, and Graham – all of whom withstood TEA Party Challenges in the primary. However, you and Rove fail to talk about Tom Cotton (AR), Joni Ernst (IA), Thom Tillis (NC), Garnder (CO), Sullivan (AK), Lankford (OK), Enzi (WY), and others who are TEA Party through and through, and many of whom came out of the House after the TEA Party elected them in 2010. Not to mention the fact that it was TEA Party support in the General Election that allowed Roberts in (KS) and Cochran in (MS) to win after the establishment BEGGED for our support.

So Mr. Smith, you should be clear on three things. The enemy of the Republican Party is not the TEA Party, but the corrupt Republican Establishment that is controlled by the US Chamber of Commerce and the K-Street machine that has sold out you, and the rest of our nation, for 30 pieces of silver and trillions more. Second, that the only reason that the Republican party will be in control of the US House and the US Senate in 2015 is because of the incredible selfless commitment and effort of the heroic common citizens who make up the TEA Party and defend our Constitution against Karl Rove and your Republican Establishment friends. Third, that the TEA Party will make sure that no Republican wins the White House in 2016 if those who we elected to the US House and Senate in 2010, 2012 and 2014 do not keep their promises to the American People to defund Obamacare, stop the Illegal Immigration Amnesty, cut oppressive government regulations so the businesses can create jobs, and cut taxes. As for Senator Portman, he will have to stand on his record in 2016, just like everyone else.

Tom Zawistowski


Ohio Citizens PAC

PRESS RELEASE – Saturday, December 6, 2014


Akron, OH – Ohio Citizens PAC President, Tom Zawistowski, called the latest Redistricting Reform Proposal being discussed in the Ohio House “self-serving” and “anti-voter.” Zawistowski said “Claiming that they are acting out of fairness and in the public interest, this self-serving plan is really intended to allow the party in power to control it’s members, by punishing those who do not get in line, by redistricting them out of office. As Republican Ron Hood said on the House Floor Thursday night, under this plan, it will not be a House of Representative chosen by the people, it will be a House that chooses which people get to vote for them. It is anti-voter, because it takes choice away from voters. If you vote for the wrong person, or heaven forbid someone who actually represents you instead of the party’s interest, then you will be put in a different district so you can’t vote for them again.”

Zawistowski went on to say, “We have already seen the anti-democratic results of redistricting done by the politicians protecting their own self interests and not our voting rights in this last election. We had NO competitve Congressional races, we had NO competitive Ohio Senate races, and we had perhaps four competitive Ohio House races out of 99. That is why people don’t vote, because the two political parties have already rigged the vote by redistricting and through other anti-democratic means. Our Republic is being destroyed by these type of activities and we the citizens can not allow it. It is clear that the citizens of Ohio are going to have to take action to defend their right to vote. Which means a ballot initiative and I think that is what we are going to have to do.”


Ohio Citizens PAC Supports Actions by Ohio Senate Asks House to Follow Through

Akron, OH – The Ohio Citizens PAC came out today to support two initiatives by the Ohio Senate. The group supports Ohio House Bill 5, which brings some much needed reform to Ohio’s burdensome and overly complicated Municipal Tax system, and Senate President Keith Faber’s Ballot Issue Plan On Pay Raises. HB 5 passed the Ohio Senate on Wednesday and the Ohio Citizens PAC is urging all Ohio House members to vote to pass it this week so that the Governor can sign it into law before the end of the year. The Pay Raise Ballot Issue (SB9) is being fast tracked and was referred to the State Government Oversight & Reform Committee before going to the House.

In announcing it’s support, the organization’s President, Tom Zawistowski, said “While HB 5 has been through a multi-year gauntlet, during which municipalities have managed to remove many reforms that are still needed, the bill is still a small step in the right direction. However much more needs to be done as was outlined in the recent Buckeye Institute white paper released November 6, 2014. The dirty little secret in Ohio is that we are not one of the highest tax states in the nation because of state taxes, but because of the 6,400 local taxing agencies that take $4 billion out of Ohio tax payers pockets each year. Often through double taxation schemes and onerous penalties and fees from employers who fail to navigate the convoluted and confusing tax landscape. This hurts small business employers and stifles job creation. We urge the House to pass this bill and then do more in the next session.”

Zawistowski added “Our organization and all Ohio tax payers should be against the Stebelton pay raise bill in the Ohio House, which pretty much just gives every state employee a 3% raise. The Faber Pay Raise Ballot Issue (SB9) is a much more fair and reasoned approach to the problem. While there is no way to completely take politics out of the mix, this bill strikes the right balance of having citizen involvement with the process with some legislative oversight. We expect it to clear the Senate and we will encourage House members to approve it.”

Zawistowski identified one more Senate action of interest by saying “One bill we have our eye on, and will be watching in the Senate, is House Bill 175 by Representative DoVilla which attempts to codify the “Open Checkbook” iniative implemented by Ohio Treasure Josh Mandel. This effort by Mandel far exceeded our expectations as far as providing transparency for every dollar that the State of Ohio spends and we congratulate Treasure Mandel and his staff for this effort. We understand that the Governor’s office is working against the DeVitis bill in the Senate and we hope that Ohio’s Senators will vote for the people of Ohio and make sure that these type of online tools will always be available from the Ohio Treasures office.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying “We are obviously still hoping for action on the Heartbeat Bill, Common Core repeal and the American Laws for American Courts bill and will keep pushing them. All of these initiatives have overwhelming support among Ohio voters and yet special interest manage to keep our Representatives from keeping their campaign promises and acting in the best interest of the voters. I can only assure them that they should pass all of these initiative now, because we are not going away until they are passed, either by those we elected to the next House and Senate or by people we elect who will replace them in the House and Senate in 2016.”