Husted raises concerns about Illegal voters in Ohio

Dear Friends,

Recently, I delivered a letter to President Obama concerning his executive actions on immigration, which dramatically expand the potential for illegal voter registrations in Ohio. Today in Washington, D.C., I testified during a congressional hearing to further voice those concerns.

As the chief elections official for the state of Ohio, I simply cannot allow this expanding loophole to go unaddressed. Anyone who doubts the impact of this risk should consider this: 72 Ohio counties conducted recounts in the last three statewide elections alone. Of those cases, 51 officials and 19 issues were decided by just one vote or tied.
I take my responsibility to safeguard Ohio’s elections system very seriously. The recent executive actions could jeopardize the integrity of our voter rolls. I hope you will join me in demanding that only eligible voters be able to vote in our federal, state and local elections.I promise to remain committed to my responsibility to all Ohioans: Making it easy to vote and hard to cheat.



Jon Husted

P.S. You can read my letter to President Obama by clicking here and you can read my testimony by clicking here.