Thoughts on Memorial Day 2018

I find myself thinking about Memorial Day this morning and I am amazed at how many people confuse it with Veterans Day or simply have no idea what Memorial Day is about.  I used to say to people “Happy Memorial Day” but it is not a happy day, it is a solemn day.  Memorial Day is the day that we remember, and morn, and appreciate those members of the American Military who have been killed in combat defending our nation and our freedom. They have paid the ultimate price for OUR freedom and OUR way of life.

Our family will be remembering a young man named Adam Hamilton who was a close high school friend of both of our children. He was killed in Afghanistan on May 28, 2011 – ironically seven years ago to the day this Memorial Day. I am humbled by his sacrifice for our nation and that of all the others killed in action in our nations history. I have his picture on my wall right in front of my desk and I look at it every day because I never want to forget his sacrifice. I often cry when I look at his picture because I miss having him in our life like so many other American’s miss their loved ones. His sacrifice is visceral to our family, it is never old or forgotten, it is as real today as the day he died. It will be that way for me until the day I die.

A few years back I started putting together a chart showing the numbers of American soldiers killed in action defending our freedom from the Revolutionary War until present day. By my count, 1,320,053 soldiers have been killed in action since the Revolutionary war. People really react strongly when I give out that large number which I update each year. I find that updating the list each Memorial Day focuses my attention on the fact that the fight for freedom never ends. Freedom is not free. It must be defended in many, many different ways, every day, as you and I know all to well, including soldiers dying in battle all to often.

Too often American’s forget that. Memorial Day is the day we remember those who have made that ultimate sacrifice.

While thankfully none of you reading this has had to give your life for our country, yet, I remember every day that each and every one of you have given so much of your lives, your time, your effort, your money to defend our nation. I thank you for that personal commitment which honors the sacrifices made by those we honor today.

While I will not wish you a Happy Memorial Day, I will wish that you enjoy the long weekend, and I know that you will remember today and everyday those who have paid the ultimate price for your and my freedom and liberty.

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

Ohio Citizens PAC Endorsements 2018 Republican Primary

The Ohio Citizens PAC Implores ALL Conservatives to VOTE in the Republican Primary on May 8th- because this time your VOTE will ACTUALLY be worth more than ever before! Consider this, in 2016 nearly 2,000,000 people voted in the Republican Primary, this time it is looking like as few as 500,000+ people will vote in the Republican Primary in Ohio! So, by voting this time your vote will be worth 4 times as much as in 2016 ! It’s real simple, if we turn out our vote WE WIN! Get out and vote!

Here are our recommendations:

State Offices:
Governor:  Mary Taylor
Lieutenant Governor: Nathan Estruth
Treasurer:  Robert Sprague

Ohio 11th District Court of Appeals:  Matt Lynch

Ohio Senate:

Brad Lamoreaux, 7th District
Kristina Roegner, 27th District
Andrew Brenner, 19th District

Ohio House:
Scott Wiggam, 1st District
Michael Canty, 6th District
Tom Brinkman, 27th District
Mike Rasor, 37th District
Derrick Merrin, 47th District
Reggie Stoltzfus, 50th District
Candice Keller, 53rd District
Paul Zeltwanger, 54 District
John Becker, 65th District
Bill Dean, 74th District
Jim Lutz, 75th District
Ron Hood, 78th District
JD Winteregg, 80th District
Nino Vitale, 85th District
Don Jones, 95th District

State Issue 1:  Vote NO !!!

From Ohio Representative Nino Vitale:

Point 1
Issue 1 creates a situation where districts will likely be drawn every 4 years. One of the reasons we do a census every 10 years is so that we can assess the population and decide how the representation will be drawn. Under this proposal, we have no new population data, so the drawing is done, not on facts, but on the will of a few politicians. I don’t trust them to do the right thing. It has worked using real data from the census for many years. Using data is a non-partisan way to determine how the lines should be drawn.

Point 2
“Not later than September 30 of a year ending in the numeral one, the General Assembly must pass a congressional district plan in the form of a bill by the affirmative vote of 60% of the members of each house, including the affirmative vote of at least ½ of the members of the minority party in each house.”

These requirements make it nearly impossible for a proposal to pass the General Assembly. If one party suspects that the plan favors one party over another, the bill will never pass and the parties will never agree, almost guaranteeing that the plan with go to the small commission. This is the entire plan, get it in the hands of a select few that will do what the swamp politicians want. That’s not good representative government.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission, if it met tomorrow, would consist of: the Governor, Auditor, Secretary of State, one person appointed by the Speaker, one appointed by the House minority leader, one appointed by the Senate President, and one appointed by the Senate minority leader. They would make all the decisions. People fear tyranny of the majority, what about tyranny of the minority!

Currently, we have a speaker that has resigned in disgrace over an FBI investigation; we have one donor that has donated millions to chairmen and other reps in the Ohio House so she has control over everything and she may be under FBI investigation as well. We have a house minority leader that is now accused of blocking child abuse cases and abusing his power. And finally, a governor who was voted in by one party to represent our values and is now, representing the other party in much that he does. Do you really trust these people to make these decisions?


The Ohio Citizens PAC is a State PAC and cannot endorse Federal Candidates.  Click HERE to see a list of the Federal Candidates we are recommending in this Primary!

Ohio Citizens PAC Endorses Taylor/Estruth for Governor and Lt. Governor


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, the main state PAC for the Ohio TEA Party Movement, announced today that the organization is endorsing the Taylor/Estruth ticket in the Ohio Governor’s race. In making the announcement Zawistowski said, “Elections have consequences and the Ohio TEA Party Movement must always act to advance our conservative agenda – which includes both fiscal and social issues. It is clear to our organization, and the majority of TEA Party/Liberty Group activists and leaders in Ohio, that the promises being publicly made by the Taylor/Estruth ticket to end Medicaid Expansion, reduce taxes and regulations, restore local control to our school districts, promote and invest in education and job training in the trades, defend our 2nd Amendment rights, protect life and religious freedom, defund Planned Parenthood, put Ohio citizens first at all times by ending special privileges for illegal immigrants – all closely fit with our agenda. It is our sincere hope that, if elected, Taylor and Estruth will follow President Trump’s example and keep their promises to those who voted to elect them. Therefore our organization, with this endorsement, encourages all conservatives in Ohio to turn out for the Republican Primary on May 8th and vote to elect Mary Taylor for Governor and Nathan Estruth for Lieutenant Governor as the Republican candidates in the general election.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “This endorsement is being made primarily based upon the preferences of our activists and leaders around the state. While many are profoundly disappointed in the results of the primary process, where the number of choices for Governor were reduced from four to two, given the limited choices available, our people have broken heavily toward Taylor/Estruth as their best option. As a leader in the Ohio TEA Party Movement I listen to the thoughts, concerns and wishes or our activists and leaders and therefore support the consensus that has clearly developed in this race. Let me also say that, despite the disagreement that we had with the Taylor/Estruth campaign earlier in the primary, there are no hard feelings about what was said or mistakes that were made. That being said, the Ohio Citizens PAC has not asked for anything from the Taylor/Estruth campaign in return for our endorsement. Our endorsement is instead based upon promises that they have explicitly made to other members of our coalition, whom we support, and the expectation that those promises will be kept in part because of our additional support. It is our sincere hope that our support, even at this late date, will make a difference that results in Taylor/Estruth winning this Primary.”