Ohio AG Yost Joins Suit to Prove LGBTQ is NOT a Protected Class

The We the People Convention wants to THANK Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, and you should as well, for standing up for the 1964 Civil Rights Law and calling out the charade that the left has been conducting in our schools, our colleges, in large corporations, and in Government. Here’s a memo, LGBTQ – XYZLMNOP, whatever, are NOT a legal protected class and never have been and never should be!
The Obama Administration “acted” as if they were a protected class and the left tries to force everyone to give them “special” rights and privileges but no federal law has ever been passed granting them protected status. It is time to have the Supreme Court make that clear so that you can tell you school district and you place of business, that homosexuals are not “special” and they should be treated just like everyone else! 

But see, they don’t want to be treated like everyone else, they don’t want equal rights, they want superior rights to you and other Americans. They want to get the job even if they are not best qualified, they want to get the promotion because of their fake “protected class status” even if they aren’t the best qualified, they want to threaten to sue your business for discrimination when you need to fire them because they can’t or won’t do the job, they want to get admitted to college before your child because of their fake “protected class status”! They in fact want to discriminate against YOU and everyone else – not be treated equally!

There is much more real discrimination today against straight, white, christian, males than against any other group – especially LGBTQ- XYZLMNOP, whatever, when AT LEAST 90% of their “claims” of discrimination have been hoaxes. America was built on the promise of EQUAL RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE, it is time for the law to again make that clear and we trust the suit the AG Yost has joined will have the effect of re-establishing this fundamental American legal principle.

Yost Argues Federal Civil Rights Laws
Don’t Protect LGBTQ Workers 

Late on Friday, Republican Attorney General Dave Yost announced he’d join a U. S. Supreme Court case on whether federal civil rights laws protect LGBTQ employees from workplace discrimination – and that Ohio would be siding with the states that think they do not.
That news came as a shock to some activists, but was well received by others. Sen. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) is disappointed – to say the least.”Our attorney general has entered into weighing in and support of a push to discriminate against a group of people. That is appalling,” Antonio said.

For years, Antonio has tried to pass what she’s called the Ohio Fairness Act – a bill to add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected classes under the state’s anti-discrimination law related to employment, housing, and public accommodations. She notes one of Mike DeWine’s first actions as governor was to sign an executive order protecting LGBTQ state workers.

So Yost’s decision to file a friend of the court brief in this lawsuit has left her puzzled, and she’s written him a letter about that.  “Why in the world would we put effort into taking away rights from people than working to open the circle and include everyone?” Antonio said.

But conservatives are pleased with the decision to join the lawsuit. Aaron Baer with Citizens for Community Values said the federal civil rights law at issue – Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – includes five protected classes that are clearly defined: sex, race, color, religion and national origin.

“Attorney General Dave Yost is standing up for what the law is, not what some political activists want it to be. When Title VII was passed, it’s very clear that sex means male or female. And what you have today is you have a handful of activists trying to redefine words that Congress passed to achieve their political victories,” Baer said.

In this case, Baer also said it appears activists don’t believe their own argument, that sexual orientation is protected by that law, “because if they did, they wouldn’t be pushing things like HR5, what they call the Equality Act, or Senate Bill 11 in Ohio that they call the Fairness Act, where they’re trying to add gender identity and gender expression to the law. They don’t really even believe their legal arguments.””And so what you have is Dave Yost standing up for common sense and for what the law actually is instead of what a political agenda wants it to be,” Baer said.

Some conservatives extend their concern to so-called “bathroom bills”, which allow a person to use the restroom that matches their gender identity. Though that legislation has been proposed in Ohio, it’s never been given serious consideration – and indeed, no state has a law like that on their books.

Yost wasn’t available for comment, but said in a written statement that the case “is about whether the judiciary gets to write new laws or if that should be left to elected legislators.” He adds, “If the law is to be amended, Congress, not the courts, should be the one doing it.”

With that in mind, the state’s leading LGBTQ rights group says Yost should be speaking up in the opposite way. “It is a backwards look for the state of Ohio to have the attorney general coming out and saying, look, LGBTQ people should not be protected from discrimination in the workplace,” said Marshall Troxell, the policy coordinator for Equality Ohio. “Really, we would love for him to come out and say, LGBTQ people should be explicitly protected and urge his colleagues in the legislature to move the Ohio Fairness Act forward.”

The Ohio Fairness Act has had three hearings, the last one in May. Antonio says it’s the seventh time a bill like this has been introduced in the past 11 years. 29 states, including Ohio, have no laws with this anti-discrimination language.

Ohio is among 15 states – all Republican dominated – joining the Trump administration in arguing that federal civil rights laws don’t protect LGBTQ people from workplace discrimination. 21 mostly Democratic states and the District of Columbia have filed briefs opposing that. The case will be argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on October 8.


If you think Donald Trump is just going to win Ohio again
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Red Flag Law “Poll” is Propaganda

Did you See this “Poll”  being Pushed on Fox News and Everywhere Else Yesterday?

Do YOU Believe it?

How about the “polls”, including Fox News, showing nearly every Democrat beating Trump in 2020? Do you believe those “polls”? How do they square with this Zogby “poll” showing Trump’s approval numbers at record highs and support by 51% of Hispanics and 28% of Blacks approving of the President? How did Fox News and these other people’s “polls” do at predicting the 2016 Presidential race? They were ALL wrong. These aren’t REAL “polls” they are propaganda tools and you should tell people not to believe them and trust your own eyes and ears and brains to figure out what is really going on.

So, let’s look at this “Red Flag Law” poll. If I ask you “Do you think mentally ill people should own guns?” of course you are going to say NO! The Devil is in the details as always. Some “Red Flag Laws” are saying that only family members could ask a judge to take away your guns because they “think” you are “mentally ill” and a danger to them or yourself. What’s your definition of the word “family” today? Some “Red Flag Laws” include “friends” and most give police that ability to go to court and ask a judge to take your guns away. Is a judge qualified to determine your mental condition?

What is YOUR description of “mentally illness”? Would you trust any Psychiatrist, nearly 100% of whom are leftist, who supports the idea that what was 10 years ago a scientifically proven “mental illness” called “gender dysphoria” is now not a mental illness and now swears that gender is not determined by biology but by how you “feel”? Would you trust a court appointed Psychiatrist or Phycologist to make that decision about YOU when they literally deny science to conform to their leftist ideology? How do you think they feel about guns? From what I have read, nearly 100% of these cases go against the accused. All it takes is an accusation.

I have been reading stories of where these “Red Flag Laws” have “worked” to save lives. They rarely stop “potential” mass shootings, they stop suicides and domestic violence. Now in a dozen states, you can go to court and tell the judge that your husband or son or brother-in-law is acting strange or made a threat and the judge can order the police to take your guns because of something you said on social media or just said during a heated argument. OK, so you take my guns. If I am suicidal what stops me from hanging myself or overdosing on drugs? Nothing.
If I am a danger to my spouse and you take away my guns, what is going to keep me from just strangling them or stabbing them with a knife. Nothing. If I have posted on social media or a school bathroom wall about killing a bunch of people and you take away my guns, what is going to keep me from mowing down a bunch of students with my car or setting fire to the church while people are in it? NOTHING!

So, it isn’t the guns is it? Only incarceration will stop violent people from acting out. That means that if a family member or anyone goes to the police and says this person is a threat to me or society then the police already have laws to arrest those people and lock them up – if they can prove it. There is the rub. It takes a lot of time and work to “prove” that someone “intends” to do something before they do it. Particularly when a US Citizen has free speech rights and 2nd Amendment rights and 4th Amendment rights. What we are talking about doing is replacing your rights and the rule of law with “opinions”. Who wants to go down that path?

The bottom line is that it has NOTHING to do with guns. That is just an excuse for the left to create law that eventually allows them to confiscate guns from all citizens. That “poll” is only intended to give lefty “republicans” like Rob Portman and John Kasich cover to support taking away your rights, you freedom, your liberty AND your guns! 

If the police can “PROVE” someone is a danger, AND the accused is given due process to defend themselves, then they should be locked up in a prison or mental institution. However I don’t believe that the police should be allowed to take their guns – because you can’t use a gun if you are locked up! See, but here is the other rub. The Psychiatric profession is not reliable in diagnosing “mental illness”. Many of the mass shooters and killers, have been under the care of Psychiatrists who told parents that they were not a danger! In this article a Psychiatrist said “experienced psychiatrists fare no better than a roll of the dice at predicting violence”!

Like I said, the devil is in the details and that “poll” did not ask about those details and the people who answers the poll question had not consider ANY of this before answering. Well we better consider ALL of this before anyone makes “Red Flag Laws” the law of the land! The problem is NOT guns, the problem is our CULTURE and “Red Flag Laws” are doing nothing to address that and will do nothing to prevent mass shootings or mass killings through other means. All they will do is allow the Left to end the 2nd Amendment and confiscate the guns of all Americans. We are NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention


If you think Donald Trump is just going to win Ohio again
and be re-elected in 2020 – you better think again!
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Only 2% Support DeWine’s “Safety Protection Order”

An online poll of 100 TEA Party Activists conducted this week in Ohio, by the We the People Convention, indicates only 2% support for the gun confiscation portion of Governor Mike DeWine’s 17 Point Plan to reduce gun violence. A total of 94.5% of poll takers indicated that “Red Flag laws are nothing but a step toward Government confiscation of guns and will do nothing to stop mass killings.”


Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention said, “While there was little support for any form of gun confiscation, and really little else in the Governor’s plan, the one area that was thought to be important in reducing mass killing was increased mental illness evaluation and potential incarceration in mental hospitals for people who make threats and are found to be mentally ill. However, many conservatives are leery even of this idea since there is zero trust in the Psychiatric “profession”, zero trust in activist Judges, and zero trust in school administrators who would be involved in these evaluations.”

Zawistowski concluded, “While the radical left Democratic/Socialists scream about the need for more gun control, we hear no explanation at all from them about why their gun control has not worked in cities like Chicago and Baltimore and St. Louis. In those cities, innocent citizens are deprived of their Constitutional right to defend themselves and as a result they are being slaughtered in the streets while Democrat Mayors and City Counsels just stand by and let thousands of black Americans die and get maimed every year. Nothing is more racist than that and the main stream media is complicit in this racism. For Republicans to believe that the Democrat/Socialists are sincere about stopping mass killings in light of the weekly mass killing in our cities each week just shows how gullible and ignorant they are on these issues. Anyone who believes anything other than the fact that this is ALL about the Left’s effort to create a national gun registry leading to gun confiscation is a damned fool.”

Ohio Liberty Coalition Begins Preparation for
Ballot Referendum if Ohio Passes “Red Flag Law”

John McAvoy, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, announced yesterday that his organization would begin organizing to collect enough signatures to put a Referendum on the 2020 ballot to repeal any Red Flag Law passed in Ohio. The Referendum would be on the ballot at the same time as the re-election of any Ohio House Members who voted for it!  If you would be willing to volunteer to collect signatures to put a Referendum on the Ballot to Repeal any Red Flag law passed in Ohio, please click on this link to sign up!

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Google MUST be Stopped NOW!

They are lying to Congress and committing crimes and the FBI and DOJ need to go after them with everything they’ve got! However, we do NOT want Government bureaucrats deciding what free speech to ban on social media, just like we don’t want Big Tech deciding what free speech to ban on social media. What we want is FREE SPEECH! What we want is Section 230 CHANGED so that their is NO CENSORSHIP of ANYONE, just like their is NO CENSORSHIP of what I say on my Phone. The ONLY Answer is FREE SPEECH – so make Section 230 say, that Big Tech has NO right to prevent anything that is posted online. If someone doesn’t like what you post, they don’t have to look at it! If someone doesn’t like a Prager U Video – DON’T WATCH IT! If someone posts something dangerous online – call the police and let them handle it under criminal law.

Unfortunately it appears that President Trump is proposing to put the FCC and FTC in charge of managing censorship and that is not going to work! It’s like Obamacare, it was the Democrats problem until the Republicans did not “repeal and replace” it and now it is the Republican’s and President Trump’s problem. Big Tech is now rightfully blamed for destroying free speech with it’s censorship of conservatives and should be held accountable but if this Executive Order is made, it will be the Trump Administration being blamed for social media censorship!!! Do NOT push this Executive order Mr. President. Fix the problem!

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If you think Donald Trump is just going to win Ohio again and be re-elected in 2020 – YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN!

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Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention