Endorsed Candidates 2020 Ohio Primary

The Ohio Citizens PAC is dedicated to helping to elect conservative, liberty minded  ‚ÄúCitizen Representatives‚ÄĚ to public and party offices.  Candidates who believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and less government regulation in order to protect individual freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all citizens. Candidates who will truly be Representatives for the residents of their District, and not just a representative of the party and big monied special interests.

The Following Candidates are Endorsed by the Ohio Citizens PAC:

John Becker, for Clermont County Commissioner

Matthew R. Byrne, for Judge in the 12 District Court of Appeals

Tim Grendell, for Judge Geauga County Court of Common Pleas

Jennifer Gross, for Ohio House District 52

Candice Keller, for Ohio Senate 4th District

Sarah Fowler, for Ohio House District 99

Diane Grendell, for Ohio House District 76

Kerri Lynch Quay, for Geauga County Recorder

Becky Lynch, for Lake County Recorder

Thad Claggett, for Ohio House District 71

Diane Mullins, for Ohio House District 53

Bobby Mitchell, for Ohio House District 78