Press Release: Liberty Groups Begin Distributing House Speakership Survey

Liberty Groups begin distributing House Speakership survey to Ohio Republican House Members
Akron, OH – Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, announced that Liberty Group leaders and members around the state have begun distributing the Ohio Citizens PAC survey to Republican Representatives concerning their January vote for Speaker of the Ohio House. The multi-question survey asks Ohio Republican House members to disclose, to the citizens they represent, who they voted for in the “straw poll” held last week and why they voted for that person. They are also asked to assure citizens that the actual vote they will cast in January will be consistent with the Ohio Constitution and with the positions they ran on to get elected among other things. (Copy of full survey attached as PDF.)
In making the announcement, Zawistowski said, “The issue comes down to elected members of the Ohio House defending the right of all citizens to be represented in the Ohio House by the people they elected. Will their vote for Speaker ensure an Independent Ohio House not controlled by the Governor as required by our Constitution? Will their vote for Speaker in January be consistent with the campaign promises they made to the citizens who voted for them and elected them? Will their vote ensure voters that their voices will not be silenced by the next speaker and that conflicting views on issues will be heard in what must be a deliberative body to truly represent all the varying views of the people of Ohio?”
Zawistowski continued “If our representatives do not stand on principle, they willingly turn their backs on the few voters who still came out to vote for them this month, believing that our system of government can still work. Believing that those who swear an oath to our Constitution will faithfully defend that oath. To betray these citizens will deny them the opportunity for the issues that matter to them to be heard and debated on the floor of the House by their duly elected Representatives. That is what the Governor’s blatant attempts to install his puppet as House Speaker are designed to do. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people will be replaced by government for the people who donate money to the Kasich campaign – to the detriment of all other citizens.”
Zawistowski, concluded by saying “The citizens in each Ohio House District deserve to know who their Representative intends to vote for as the next House Speaker and why. This is the people’s business, it should be conducted in the full light of day and not in some back room “secret ballot”, that is determined by influence pedaling and worse, a month before the legal vote. The Ohio Revised Code calls for the vote to be taken in public on January 5, 2014 and nothing less than a full roll call vote for this important government position is deserved by the citizens of Ohio. The only thing a “unanimous vote” tells the people, particularly when it includes Democratic votes that should clearly be dissenting, is that the fix was in and the rights of the people lost out to the special interests. We will publish the results of each Representatives survey on our website at and we will expose any who refuse to fill out the survey. Our actions are designed for no other purpose but to defend the rights of the citizens of Ohio to be heard in the peoples House, and to hold accountable any and all people or parties who will deny them their lawful constitutional rights.”

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