Congratulation to New Speaker

Dear Speaker Rosenberger,

I am writing to congratulate you on your election as Speaker of the Ohio House. I understand in Cincinnati today that you emphatically stated that you were not “the Governor’s man” and that you would make your own decisions as Speaker.  I assure you that I will be the first to send out a Press Release praising you as a man of your word, when we see you actually stand up to the Governor on an important issue like Common Core, Religious Freedom, the Severance Tax, etc.

Let me also say that, while those in the political class clearly have no idea what I or the TEA Party movement are about, I can assure you that all we want from you as Speaker is for the voices of our duly elected Representatives to be heard in the People’s House.  Conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, majority or minority, they all deserve to be heard and to have the chance to make their case for the people in their district. They many not have the money or the political clout to win their point, which is another issue all together, but by God you as Speaker can at least insure that they get to make it. All to often in recent memory that has not been the case. It is our sincere hope that the Ohio House under your leadership will not be the “Siberian Death Camp” it has been in the past for all those Republicans and Democrats who dared to have their own views, ideas and opinions that do no agree with the Governor’s.

Governor Kasich just warned Republicans in December by saying “I’m going to have a whole lot more to say to those who stand in my way.”  We will see if you as House Speaker can get through the Governor’s thin skin that it is not about his way and help him understand that there is no “my way” in Representative Government. Everyone has a right to participate, not just take orders.  If you can accomplish that you will truly be one of great Speakers in Ohio History. We are hoping and praying that will be the case. All the best to you and your team.


Tom Zawistowski


OHIO Citizens PAC

P.O. Box 6211

Akron, OH 44312



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