Four Key Ohio TEA Party Leaders Urge NO Vote by House on Budget


Ohio Citizens PAC

P.O. Box 6211

Akron, OH 44312

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Akron, OH – Today four key Ohio TEA Party Leaders urged the Ohio House to vote NO on the state budget proposal and asked citizens to call their House members and encourage them to kill this outrageous spending bill. The vote on the budget is expected to be taken this Thursday, April 23, 2015.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC said, “Glenn Newman, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition; Ted Stevenot, President of Ohio Rising; John McAvoy, President of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition; and I, are urging the Ohio House to vote NO on the proposed budget this Thursday. This budget will not only continue the illegitimate expansion of Obamacare in Ohio by our liberal Republican Governor’s failed implementation of Medicaid Expansion, but it will increase the size of state government to historic levels. With inflation at 1.6% how can a so-called Republican Governor and Super-Majority Republican Ohio House vote for a budget that grows by 9.6% in 2016 and an additional 3.9% in 2017? How many Ohio taxpayers are seeing their income increase 9.6% per year or even 3.9%?”

Zawistowski then made a call to action, “We would hope that Liberty Group members and other budget conscious citizens will take the time to protect their wallets and call their Representatives on Wednesday. Ask them directly why they would support Obamacare when the vast majority of Ohioans are against it, it doesn’t work and we can’t afford it? Ask them how they justify growing our state government spending by $10 billion dollars – up from the $26.2 billion spent in 2011 to $36 billion in 2017? This is simply outrageous. Worse yet, our state’s dependence on federal dollar will reach 36% of total state spending under this budget plan. Ohio is growing our nation’s debt by becoming a welfare state. That federal money is borrowed from our children and younger voters should be outraged by this generational theft. No true Republican can be this reckless about spending. They must vote NO on Thursday or face the wrath of conservative voters next year in the Republican primary.”


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