Akron, OH – Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, derided the Supreme Court 6-3 ruling to uphold the Obama Administrations decision to provide healthcare cost subsidies to people enrolled in the Federal Healthcare Exchanges. Zawistowski said “I think we should all go out and break any law we want today, because we are no longer a nation of laws. You can say that you simply “interpret” the meaning of the words in any law, any way that serves your needs. I’ll drive 70 in a 55 mile per hour zone today, because 55 doesn’t really mean 55 in my opinion, or in the law that Congress passed, because I have to get to the next appointment on time and it was not the “intention” of Congress for me to be late because that would cost me money. Right? This ruling shows that US Supreme Court does not uphold the rule of law. They can’t even read English. They rule on what the “outcome” of the ruling will be not on what the law actually says. That is not their job. That is the job of Congress. They should have said to Congress, the law says what it says and if you didn’t mean it to say that then Congress needs to fix it. But the Court did not rule that way and that is the problem.”

Zawistowski continued, “This ruling shows that we now have no separation of powers. The Supreme Court feels that it must do the job of Congress. Everyone is doing the job of Congress except Congress, which insist upon giving all of it’s power to the Executive branch and is now conceding it to the Supreme Court. The “Law of this Land” is the Constitution, this ruling and the previous ruling by the Robert’s Court proves that the Constitution does not exist. The Governing class is free to interpret any law, any way they want, regardless of the actual written words, to implement their agenda.”

Zawistowski concluded, “Obamacare has never had the majority of Americans behind it. Obamacare has been jammed down our throats by elitist of both political parties. Every branch of government has participated in this unlawful, unconstitutional takeover of our healthcare system.  We in the TEA Party Movement have stood against this law from the beginning for three reasons. The first is the preservation of our personal Liberty. Throughout history, dictators and despots have moved to take over healthcare as a means of controlling the population. If Government controls your healthcare, they control you. That is the intent of Obamacare, not to give healthcare to those who cannot afford it, but to destroy the individual freedom and liberty of American citizens to make their own healthcare choices.

Second, we stood against Obamacare because we knew that it would increase the cost of healthcare for all Americans dramatically and artificially because it eliminated competition.  The result has been that we have all seen a 40% tax increase on our healthcare cost, something that no one would have supported if that were disclosed during the passage of the law. Which is why it was not disclosed as Jonathan Gruber so boastfully pointed out.

Third we knew it would drive down the quality of healthcare by eliminating innovation and by driving doctors out of the medical industry. Not only are doctors dropping out in record numbers and retiring earlier, they are no longer encouraging their children to enter the field. The result is a collapse in the quality of healthcare and an inability to meet the growing healthcare needs of an aging population.

The TEA Party Movement will not stop this fight to replace Obamacare with a Free Market alternative that returns control of our healthcare to individual Americans and their doctors.  Any candidate for any office who does not commit to replacing Obamacare, will not get our votes in coming elections regardless of party. The Republican’s in particular who have run and been elected on the promise to “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” now must fulfill that promise or face the consequences from an angry electorate.”



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