Rush Limbaugh Praises TEA Party Movement

This is a partial transcript from the Rush Limbaugh show on Wednesday, September 2, 2015:

The Trump Movement Isn’t About Conservatism — It’s About Americanism

September 02, 2015

RUSH:  Look, my point is, here’s a piece that just cleared. Who wrote it? Doesn’t matter. You’re gonna find out anyway some point. “Trump Has Succeeded in Convincing Conservatives to Discard Their Principles Overnight.”  Okay.  This will provide an excellent opportunity.  Conservative principles.  What good are they if all that’s ever done with them is written about?  What good are conservative principles if all anybody ever does is talk about it?

What good are conservative principles if that’s all they are, if there’s no associated lifestyle? If there’s no associated action, if there’s no associated political objective with it, what good is it?  I, for one, am tired of conservatism being nothing more than some intellectual feast every day.  Let’s look at the Tea Party as an example here.  The Tea Party movement is one of the most important political movements in this country in our lifetimes.

Let’s look at how powerful the Tea Party movement was and is.  The Tea Party movement came into existence in 2010 as a result of real-world events, not because the members of the Tea Party had read a bunch of conservatism.  They hadn’t read a bunch of books, and they hadn’t read a bunch of websites, and they hadn’t read a bunch of columns, and they hadn’t read a bunch of blogs.

What they were was angry and scared over what they knew Obama was doing that threatened the country and the future of their children and grandchildren, specifically with Obamacare and the spending that was happening with this administration. They could see this country’s future literally circling the drain, and so people who had no formal political experience in their lives — meaning they had never been part of a campaign. They hadn’t.

Maybe the most they’d ever done is put signs in the front yard.

They had voted and that was it. But they had no professional, political experience in their lives, and they came into existence, and there wasn’t a single person that was leading them. There wasn’t a single person that served as the creator of the movement.  It was a grassroots effervescence that bubbled up resulting from real-world events that these people manifestly opposed and were frightened by.

The Tea Party movement was so big and so threatening to the left that they had to create their own fake version of it, which was called Occupy Wall Street.  Occupy Wall Street was everything the Tea Party wasn’t.  Occupy Wall Street was made up.  It was designed.  It was planned, it was executed, it was created, and it was created as a counter.  It was made to look like it, too, was organic — except it opposed the Tea Party.

It supported Obama.  It supported the Democrat Party.  It supported liberalism.  And the media wrote about it as though it was as organic as the Tea Party.  But it wasn’t.  It was bought and paid for by Democrat donors.  It was nourished by the Democrat Party and leftist organizations left and right.  It had organized protests. It had organized locations and organized activities.  It had donations to it.  It had specific purposes.

The Tea Party was never so organized in that sense, because it was all organic.  Now, you would think that something like this that just arose from seemingly nowhere — that existed specifically to oppose and stop Barack Obama — you would think that the Republican Party would make tracks to embrace these people.  You would think that the Republican Party would do everything it could to build a bridge.

The Republican Party is smarting, it’s in pain, it’s whimpering around because it’s just got shellacked in the 2008 election. Obama wins; all appears lost! “He’s got health care. He’s done the stimulus. There’s no stopping him,” and here comes a movement of people — average, ordinary Americans, never involved in politics before — and they are huge in number. They are willing to donate.  The Democrat Party is scared to death of them.

The Republican Party has a built-in majority with the Tea Party.  All they have to do is build a bridge rooted in opposition to Obamacare.  It’s made to order.  The Republican Party was, in my estimation, given — not for anything they did — a majority.  And the Republican Party made not one move to embrace the Tea Party.  Some individual Republicans did, and the Tea Party ended up having members or like-minded people elected, such as Ted Cruz and others.

But the Republican Party and the Democrat Party (the Washington DC establishment), rather than try to form an accord and try to form an alliance, tried to destroy it.  The inside-the-Beltway establishment tried to destroy the Tea Party.  Now, the inside-the-Beltway establishment is made up of these people today writing about who’s giving up and sacrificing their conservative principles.  If the Tea Party was anything, it was conservative. And if it was made up of anything, it was made up of conservatives.

At that point, they weren’t obsessed with what the principles of conservatism were because that was a given.  That was understood.  The opposition to Obama is naturally conservative.  That’s what these people already were.  All they had to do was join!  All they had to do was be inspired.  All they had to do was be motivated, welcomed in. But they weren’t.  They were ostracized, by the Democrat Party especially.

Did the Republican Party do much to help the Tea Party when it was in that mess with the IRS?  The IRS tried to deny tax-exempt status to all those Tea Party organizations, fundraising groups. Where was the Republican Party in there trying to help ’em out, represent them, bashing the IRS, joining in the effort to diminish Lois Lerner and her efforts?  The Tea Party was bashed, impugned, ripped to shreds daily by the Drive-By Media.  The media tried to make it look like a bunch of Looney Tune nutcases.

The Republican Party made not one attempt to help, and then these are the people upset over what’s happening with Trump?  This is not about conservative principles.  This is not about who has them and who doesn’t and who’s sacrificing them or who’s giving them up or discarding them.  What this is about is a whole lot of Americans thinking they had representation in Washington, and they’ve discovered they don’t.

They’ve been giving money at a political party. A political party has been campaigning promising to do X, Y, and Z and they’ve been getting voted for. They’ve been given majorities House and the Senate. But that’s where it’s all stopped, at the party level.  The Tea Party didn’t die. The Tea Party can’t be killed because it isn’t one person. It isn’t an official movement; it does not have a headquarters building.  You can’t bomb it, you can’t nuke it, you can’t do anything to it.

It’s there, it’s growing, and it’s gonna continue to grow, as long as Washington remains unresponsive, which Washington appears to be more and more unresponsive as the days go by.  So all these people that have got their underwear in a wad over people supporting Trump? They need to look in the mirror to explain why.  If they really want to know why all this is happening, they just have to look in the mirror.  You can only tell people they’re stupid and dumb so many times.

You can only tell ’em they’re unsophisticated so many times when they’re staring the loss of their country in the face with this invasion illegal immigration and Obamacare and all of these executive orders that Obama’s doing, and there’s not a single ounce of apparent opposition to any of it!  It’s not about conservative principles, and these people that are writing about it in those terms are simply, I think, doing what they can to marginalize Trump and his supporters in an apparently convoluted effort to maintain support for the RINOs or the establishment or ruling class, whatever you want to call them.

Anyway, I have to take a break.  I want to get back to the phones here, folks.  I could spend another 20 minutes explaining this, but I think you get it, at least my thoughts on this by now.

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