It is time to end the Corruption in the Ohio “Republican” Party

We are going Restore OUR Republican Party!

The Ohio “Republican” Party has been taken over by political operatives who sell the votes of “Republican” Politicians in the Ohio House and Senate, and in the US House and Senate, to monied special interests who want political favors.  You have NO Representation in Government, because the Ohio “Republican” Party only recruits and funds campaigns for phony “Republicans” who agree to do what the lobbyists tell the Party Leadership to do. 


The Ohio “Republican” Party State Central Committee only endorses incumbent “Republicans”. The Ohio “Republican” Party has no platform and does not require candidates to prove that they believe the Republican values and principles that we believe. They simply “rent” the “R” to the highest bidder and when you go to the polls to vote, you think that you are voting for a Republican when you are not. That is why 66% of all Republican votes believe that the “Republican” Leadership has “Betrayed” them. Because they have!

What are we going to do about it?  

To “Restore” OUR Republican Party, we need to take back control of the County and State Central Committees. Then we can recruit and endorse only candidates who prove that they will vote or govern according to Republican values and principles when they are elected. The Ohio Citizens PAC along with other TEA Party and Conservative Organizations in the State have recruited 55 candidates to run for the 66 seats on the Republican State Central in an effort to win a majority and replace the current Chairman. We need you to vote for them in your Senate District and let everyone you know that they need to vote for them as well!

Click Here to Find Our Endorsed State Central Committee Candidates in YOUR Area!

Click Here to Find Our Endorsed State Candidates who will NOT “Betray” You!

Click Here to Find Our Endorsed Federal Candidates who will NOT  “Betray” You!

Help these Candidates WIN:


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