ACT if YOU want the ORP State Central Committee NOT to Endorse in the Primaries

Borges and Luketic are pressuring State Central Committee Members to vote to Endorse Candidates at Friday’s ORP Meeting and plot to remove Jane Timken as Chairwoman.

Fellow Patriots,

The word we are getting is that deposed former ORP Chairman Matt Borges and his “partner in crime” Dave Luketic, current Campaign Director for the Mike DeWine/Jon Husted for Governor ticket, have been calling State Central Committee members and “urging” them to vote to endorse DeWine for Governor in Friday’s State Central Committee meeting.  That is their right to do, just as we are asking you to call and ask Central Committee members to vote not to endorse. What is not “Ok” is the return to the “Mafia Tactics” that Borges and Luketic are infamous for employing, to intimidate, bully and literally force people to vote against their conscience – and in this case against the best interest of Republican voters. Borges and Luketic and their surrogates are “threatening” ORP State Central Committee members who do not agree to vote to endorse DeWine with primary challengers, or worse, in the May 8th Primary.  We are also being told that Borges has already recruited candidates to primary Jane Timken supporters on the committee in an effort to remove Timken as Chairwoman and take back control of the Ohio Republican Party for the Kasich/DeWine establishment. The implication is that if Central Committee members do not vote to endorse DeWine, there will be retribution once they remove Timken as Chairwoman.

We supported Jane Timken for Chairwoman because she supported Donald Trump, she embraced the National Republican Party Platform as the Ohio Republican Party Platform, and she made it clear that she believed in fair and open primaries in which the voters decide who wins without the ORP endorsing and picking winners and losers. We think she has done a terrific job based on feedback from State Central Committee members who for the first time actually enjoy being on the ORP Central Committee and feel respected as the representatives of Republican Voters in their Districts. As a result, for the first time ever, the TEA Party Movement made no effort this year to “target” any State Central Committee members, and I will go as far as to say that we will use our considerable resources to defend those State Central Committee members in the primary who are being “targeted” by Borges and Luketic. Friday’s vote will decide who on the committee stands with Jane Timken, and the principled path she has the Ohio Republican Party following, and those who wish to return to the darkness of political corruption, rigged elections, pay-to-play, and total disrespect for the the rights of voters and our electoral system which exemplifies Borges and Luketic’s stock-in-trade.

All that being said, I URGE ALL PATRIOTS TO TAKE TIME TODAY OR THURSDAY, to call or email their State Central Committee men and women and tell them two things. First, ask them to support Jane Timken’s leadership and vote not to endorse anyone in the Republican Primary, let Republican voters decide who they want for their candidates in the General Election. Second, tell them not to be intimidated by Borges and Luketic, and assure them that we will help them defend their seat if they stand with Jane Timken and against a return to the past corruption of the ORP.

Below you will find a complete list of Ohio Republican State Central Committee Members, sorted by Senate District. If you don’t know what Senate District you are in, I have attached a map of Ohio with the Senate District indicated. Please send them an email or call them today or Thursday. Thank you!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
Ohio Citizens PAC


Fellow Patriots,

Last year when we backed Jane Timken in her run to become Ohio Republican Party State Chairwoman, one of the many reasons was because she made it clear that she did not believe that the Republican Party should endorse candidates in the primaries, as had been the practice in the past. She felt strongly that Republican primary voters should decide who will represent them in the General Election. To her credit, she has keep true to that promise and has not put her finger on the scale at any time during this election season, though she has been asked to do so many times. Furthermore, in October of last year, she made a proposal to hold debates for the governor candidates, again something that has not happened in a long time. We strongly support Chairwoman Timken in her commitment to respect Republican voters and allow for fair, open and transparent elections so that we can vote to have the very best candidates possible representing our views and values. We don’t want the Establishment picking our candidates for us!

Now, that being said, all of us need to understand a few important realities. First, the bylaws of the ORP State Central Committee do not allow for the Chairwoman to just declare that there be no endorsements in contested primaries.  Chairwoman Timken has acted at all times, over the past year, as a true leader should by not dictating anything to anyone, and by following the Bylaws to the “T”. The Bylaws require that a sub-committee first make a recommendation to endorse or not endorse anyone, then the entire State Central Committee has to vote on that recommendation. So your committee members are going to decide it they will endorse or not in the primary even though the Chairwoman’s preference is that they do not. Don’t get me wrong, many members have a lot of respect for Chairwoman Timken and will support her views, but they don’t have to do that.

Second, remember that Jane Timken was elected Chairwoman by the slimmest of margins last year – 33 to 32 with one person not in attendance. Many of those who did not vote for her are tied to John Kasich and Rob Portman and the Republican Establishment. That Establishment is going to want to have their favored candidates endorsed on February 9th and they will be working the State Central Committee members to do just that. Not just in the Governor’s race, but also in the Senate Race and perhaps even in some House Races. If we want to protect OUR right to fair, open and transparent elections, YOU are going to have to call or write to your State Central Committee Representative and urge them NOT TO ENDORSE in the Primary.

Below you will find a complete list of Ohio Republican State Central Committee Members, sorted by Senate District. If you don’t know what Senate District you are in, I have attached a map of the Ohio with the Senate District indicated.  You will have two Representatives, one male and one female, that you can contact. Please take the time to contact them BEFORE THE FEBRUARY 9TH MEETING. We are fortunate to have Chairwoman Timken stepping in to bring much needed reforms to the Ohio Republican Party and she deserves our support for helping to create an environment that benefits us as voters. Please do your part by writing or calling your Representative as soon as possible. Thank you!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
Ohio Citizens PAC

Please consider Donating, by clicking the button below, to the Ohio Citizens PAC which we must use to support any candidates we want to help in Ohio

District First Last Address City State Zip Code Email Address Home Phone Cell Phone Bus Phone
SCC1 Cheryl Buckland 1413 Forest Park Findlay OH

45840 (419) 420-1687 (419) 937-5984
SCC1 Rob Radway 16092 Township Rd 39 Belle Center OH

43310 (937) 464-7632 (419) 674-6505
SCC2 Mark Wagoner 3331 Pelham Road Ottawa Hills OH

43606 (419) 531-0487 (419) 283-9539
SCC2 Dee Talmage 45 Exmoor Ottawa Hills OH

43615 (419) 535-1605 (419) 304-9321
SCC3 Jo Ann Davidson 37 W. Broad Street, Suite 970 Columbus OH

43215 (614) 864-8879 (614) 203-0308 (614) 224-0777
SCC3 David Goodman 7726 Brandon Road New Albany OH

43054 (614) 933-1011 (614) 327-8082 (614) 466-1286
SCC4 Gary Cates 6542 Seminole Drive West Chester OH

45069 (513) 602-1932
SCC5 Doug Cook 9564 Earnest Rd Bradford OH

45308 (937) 947-0751
SCC5 Stephanie Garrett 5087 Carlton Road West Alexandria OH

45381 (937) 469-4890
SCC6 Judy Westbrock 1000 E Social Row Rd Dayton OH

45458 (937) 885-7492 (937) 470-5005
SCC6 Pat Flanagan 15 W. 4th St. Dayton OH

45402 (937) 434-0734 (937) 477-2421 (937) 223-5200
SCC7 Bob McEwen 7382 Ridgepoint Drive, Apt. 7 Cincinnati OH

45230 (513) 257-2259 (703) 929-4256
SCC7 Michelle Schneider 8750 Pipewell Lane Cincinnati OH

45243 (513) 251-6598
SCC8 Alex Triantafilou 3247 Bridgeknoll Court Cincinnati OH

45248 (513) 347-7277 (513) 535-5220 (513) 977-8466
SCC8 Mary Anne Christie 5538 E. Galbraith Rd. #28 Cincinnati OH

45236 (513) 561-2224 (513) 703-0236
SCC9 Stanley Aronoff 425 Walnut Street, Ste 2200 Cincinnati OH

45202 (513) 235-7177
SCC9 Crystal Faulkner 3636 Edwards Road Cincinnati OH

45208 (513) 607-7041 (513) 768-6797
SCC10 Steve Austria 2537 Obetz Drive Beavercreek OH

45434 (937) 609-8355
SCC10 Christy Lewis Comerford 507 S High Street Yellow Springs OH

45387 (937) 657-4541
SCC11 Bill Delaney 2016 Bucklew Drive Toledo OH

43613 (419) 654-4251
SCC11 Meghan Gallagher 3344 Goddard Road Toledo OH

43606 (419) 474-0400 (419) 810-3670 (419) 482-0506
SCC12 Keith Cheney 2081 W. Elm Street Lima OH

45805 (419) 228-7040 (419) 234-2896 (419) 331-5655
SCC12 Katie DeLand 64 Sweet Loretta Way North Star OH

SCC13 Dave Moore 192 Alexander Ave Amherst OH

44001 (440) 371-8500
SCC13 Joyce Houck 4506 Sherman-Norwich Rd. Willard OH

44890 (419) 935-8549 (419) 706-3981
SCC14 Greg Simpson 1343 Linden Creek Drive Milford OH

45150 (513) 678-8249
SCC14 Kay Reynolds P.O. Box 879 Lucasville OH

45648 (740) 259-2869 (740) 352-1682 (740) 353-7469
SCC15 Carolyn Petree 155 West Main St., #1006 Columbus OH

43215 (614) 461-1919 (614) 306-3666 (614) 221-2141
SCC15 Jim Burgess 4930 Honeysuckle Blvd Columbus OH

43230 (614) 274-9499
SCC16 Stephen White 3364 Durkin Circle Dublin OH

43017 (513) 225-0505
SCC16 Susie O’Brien 4804 Merrifield Place Upper Arlington OH

43220 (614) 560-4070
SCC17 Phil Bowman P.O. Box 109 Jackson OH

45640 (740) 286-4823 (740) 418-4087
SCC17 Bonnie Ward 1757 Coal Dock Rd Waverly OH

45690 (740) 835-1539 (740) 835-1539
SCC18 Scott Kayser 13009 Kenyon Dr Chesterland OH

44026 (440) 600-4005
SCC18 Mary O’Toole 15532 Parkview Drive Newbury OH

44065 (440) 564-5098 (440) 623-9077
SCC19 Fred Dailey 13126 Miller Rd Mount Vernon OH

43050 (740) 397-0517
SCC19 Teri Morgan 2775 Mallards Landing Powell OH

43065 (614) 888-6095 (614) 323-3219 (740) 368-5055
SCC20 Pat Hennessey 1705 Moxhala Ave. Zanesville OH

43701 (740) 454-2841 (740) 819-0013 (740) 454-1221
SCC20 Diana Fleegle 3600 Riverside Airport Road Zanesville OH

43701 (740) 319-5782
SCC21 Joe Miller 2618 Canterbury Rd Cleveland Heights OH

44118 (216) 932-8465 (216) 659-9000
SCC21 Susan Rodman 3609 Langton Road Cleveland OH

44121 (216) 381-5861 (216) 272-6147
SCC22 Bill Batchelder 435 E Smith Rd Medina OH

SCC22 Sharon Ray 283 Stratford Ave Wadsworth OH

44281 (330) 461-3599
SCC23 Robert Frost 18126 W. Clifton Road Lakewood OH

44107 (216) 534-6346
SCC23 Candice Miller 7201 W Clinton Ave Cleveland OH

44102 (216) 470-6713
SCC24 Brad Lamb 31167 Muifield Way Westlake OH

44145 (216) 501-2286
SCC24 Nancy Suhadolnik 15046 Forestwood Drive Strongsville OH

44149 (440) 846-6666 (440) 846-5555
SCC25 Denise Verdi 12 Owaissa Drive Timberlake OH

44095 (440) 622-6611
SCC25 Bob Murphy 29427 Waldensa Ave Wickliffe OH

44092 (440) 944-1130
SCC26 Gary Click 1473 County Road 268 Vickery OH

43464 (419) 307-1413
SCC26 Lisa Cooper 10510 Hinton Mill Rd Marysville OH

43040 (740) 666-0957 (614) 562-6003
SCC27 Lauren LaRose 94 N Hayden Pkwy Hudson OH

44236 (330) 631-8888
SCC27 Bryan Williams 2834 Orchard Grove Court Fairlawn OH

44333 (330) 773-9061
SCC28 Jim Simon 3800 Embassy Parkway, Suite 300 Akron OH

44333 (330) 256-3870
SCC29 Curt Braden 353 Briar Avenue, NE North Canton OH

44720 (330) 497-7082 (330) 284-2058 (330) 456-6333
SCC29 Sarah Brown 1200 Fernwood Blvd. Alliance OH

44601 (330) 823-6091 (330) 206-7723
SCC30 Jim Carnes 47401 Puskarich Rd St Clairsville OH

43950 (740) 695-0856 (740) 359-1618
SCC30 Marilyn Ashcraft 621 Virginia Street #7 Marietta OH

45750 (740) 525-9415
SCC31 Betty Montgomery 37 West Broad St, Suite 970 Columbus OH

43215 (614) 205-7883 (614) 224-8333
SCC32 Casey O’Brien 4672 Lenox New Lyme Rd Jefferson OH

44047 (440) 294-2811 (440) 221-0092
SCC32 Melissa Pope 5617 South Ridge Road West Ashtabula OH

44004 (440) 969-9762 (440) 969-4249
SCC33 Dave Johnson P.O. Box 73 Summitville OH

43962 (330) 332-8697 (330) 831-8698 (330) 223-1511
SCC33 Tracey Winbush 137 Greeley Lane Youngstown OH

44505 (330) 720-0000 (330) 259-1699

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