Ohio Citizens PAC Endorses Sprague for Treasurer

Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio TEA Party organization, the Ohio Citizens PAC, today announced it’s endorsement of Robert Sprague for Ohio Treasurer. The Ohio Citizens PAC is the official Ohio State PAC of the Ohio TEA Party Movement, which is dedicated to helping to elect conservative, liberty minded  “Citizen Representatives” to public and party offices. We believe in Constitutionally limited representative government; lower taxes; minimum government regulation; capitalism; and fair and free markets – in order to protect individual freedom and liberty and create prosperity for all citizens.

In making the announcement Zawistowski said, “The Ohio Citizen’s PAC is confident that Robert Sprague believes as we believe and shares our values, principles and goals for our state. We believe that Robert Sprague will preserve the innovative and standard setting OhioCheckbook.com program and add to that program using artificial intelligence and data mining techniques to identify fraud, abuse and simple over-payment for services in municipalities throughout Ohio. In our opinion, based on his education and business experience, Robert Sprague may be the most qualified elected official we have ever endorsed to perform the tasks required for the job for which he is running – Ohio Treasurer! Therefore, we encourage, without hesitation, all Republicans in Ohio to vote for Robert Sprague for Ohio Treasurer in the Primary on May 8th or by absentee ballot! Citizens can learn more about our organization at www.OhioCitizensPAC.org.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “We take these endorsements very seriously and work hard to vet the candidates. Our recent polls show that 55% of Republican primary voters trust the endorsement of the Ohio TEA Party Movement more than that of the Ohio Republican Party. We will not be endorsing in the Ohio Governor race or any other state office races for this primary.”