Ohio Citizens PAC Endorses Taylor/Estruth for Governor and Lt. Governor


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, the main state PAC for the Ohio TEA Party Movement, announced today that the organization is endorsing the Taylor/Estruth ticket in the Ohio Governor’s race. In making the announcement Zawistowski said, “Elections have consequences and the Ohio TEA Party Movement must always act to advance our conservative agenda – which includes both fiscal and social issues. It is clear to our organization, and the majority of TEA Party/Liberty Group activists and leaders in Ohio, that the promises being publicly made by the Taylor/Estruth ticket to end Medicaid Expansion, reduce taxes and regulations, restore local control to our school districts, promote and invest in education and job training in the trades, defend our 2nd Amendment rights, protect life and religious freedom, defund Planned Parenthood, put Ohio citizens first at all times by ending special privileges for illegal immigrants – all closely fit with our agenda. It is our sincere hope that, if elected, Taylor and Estruth will follow President Trump’s example and keep their promises to those who voted to elect them. Therefore our organization, with this endorsement, encourages all conservatives in Ohio to turn out for the Republican Primary on May 8th and vote to elect Mary Taylor for Governor and Nathan Estruth for Lieutenant Governor as the Republican candidates in the general election.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “This endorsement is being made primarily based upon the preferences of our activists and leaders around the state. While many are profoundly disappointed in the results of the primary process, where the number of choices for Governor were reduced from four to two, given the limited choices available, our people have broken heavily toward Taylor/Estruth as their best option. As a leader in the Ohio TEA Party Movement I listen to the thoughts, concerns and wishes or our activists and leaders and therefore support the consensus that has clearly developed in this race. Let me also say that, despite the disagreement that we had with the Taylor/Estruth campaign earlier in the primary, there are no hard feelings about what was said or mistakes that were made. That being said, the Ohio Citizens PAC has not asked for anything from the Taylor/Estruth campaign in return for our endorsement. Our endorsement is instead based upon promises that they have explicitly made to other members of our coalition, whom we support, and the expectation that those promises will be kept in part because of our additional support. It is our sincere hope that our support, even at this late date, will make a difference that results in Taylor/Estruth winning this Primary.”