WTPC 2018 Ohio General Election Poll Results


For Immediate Release: Sunday, July 15, 2018



Akron, OH:  Today, the Ohio TEA Party organization, the We the People Convention, released the results of it Ohio state poll which was conducted between June 30, 2018 and July 10,2018. The poll surveyed 1,485 Ohioans to determine the position of Ohio voters on President Trump’s performance; the US Senate Race between incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican challenger Jim Renacci; and the Ohio Governor race between Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray. (Click here to see poll details)

The We the People Convention poll showed that 51.35% of Ohioans rate President Trump’s overall performance as doing “Very Well” (40.40%) or “Well” (10.95%) so far. It showed that 51.40% of Ohioans would vote for President Trump this year if he were on the ballot. The survey also showed that only 41.67% of Ohioans support the Democrat agenda to repeal tax cuts, bring more immigrants into the US, restore Obamacare and impeach President Trump if they re-take the US House of Representatives.

The survey found that Democrat Sherrod Brown leads Republican Jim Renacci 44.98% to 40.89% with 14.12% undecided in the Ohio US Senate Race. The poll found that Republican Mike DeWine leads Democrat Richard Cordray 42.15% to 38.08% with 16.92% undecided and 2.81% voting for Green Party or Libertarian Party candidates.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention said, “As we have seen increasingly in past election cycles, polls are being used by the left as propaganda in an attempt to sway voters and affect donor behavior. We had no intention of doing a poll this early, however, recent “Fake Polls” by NBC/Marrist showing only 34% of Ohioans saying Trump deserves re-election and a ridiculous Quinnipiac poll suggesting that Sherrod Brown has a 17% lead over Jim Renacci, forced us once again to do our own poll because we knew from our grassroots network that the other polls had to be propaganda. Our poll proved that we were right once again, just as we predicted Donald Trump’s victory in Ohio 2016 and accurately projected the outcomes of the recent primary.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “Based on our poll results we believe that it is highly likely that Jim Renacci will defeat Sherrod Brown in the Ohio General Election in November and that Mike DeWine will be the next Governor of Ohio. We also believe that all 12 Ohio Republican Congressmen will be re-elected. We see no signs of a “blue wave”, in fact, our data suggests just the opposite that Ohio is turning from a purple state to a red state in 2018.”

Executive Summary Ohio 2018 General Election Poll Results

The poll was conducted by TRZ Communication of Akron, OH to determine the position of Ohio Voters on President Trump’s performance, the US Senate Race between Incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Challenger Jim Renacci, and the Ohio Governor race between Republican Mike DeWine and Democrat Richard Cordray. This Ohio poll was conducted for the We the People Convention, Inc. from Saturday, June 30, 2018 through Tuesday, July 10, 2018.  The telephone poll surveyed 1,485 Ohio voters who were randomly selected from a list of all landline telephones in the State of Ohio. The poll has a margin of error of  ± 3% at the 95% confidence level. Results were gathered from all 88 Counties in Ohio and every age group from 19 year olds to 90 year olds were surveyed with 54.2% being female and 45.8% being male.


Q-1: How would you rate President Trump’s Overall performance as President so far??

Doing Very Well –  40.40%

Doing Well –  10.95%

Not Doing Well –  9.59%

Doing Terrible Job –  39.05%

Q- 2: If President Trump were on the ballot in Ohio for re-election this fall, and he is not, would he get your vote?

I would vote for Trump Now –  51.40%

I would NOT vote for Trump Now –  48.60%

Q-3: This Fall Democrats are attempting to take back majority control of the US House of Representatives on the pledge to repeal the tax cuts, to fight to keep US borders open and bring in millions of more immigrants, to restore Obamacare, and to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. Do you support this Democratic plan:

Support Democrat agenda – 41.67%

I do NOT support the Democrat agenda – 53.57%

I am unsure whose agenda I support –  4.76%

Q-4: In Ohio there will be a very important race for US Senate between long time Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown and Republican Congressman Jim Renacci.  Knowing only what you know now about these candidates, if the election were today, which one would get your vote for US Senate?

Sherrod Brown – 44.98%

Jim Renacci – 40.89%

Undecided – 14.12%

Q-5: In the Ohio Governor’s race, long time Republican Office Holder Mike DeWine is running against experienced Democrat Richard Cordray as well as a Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates.  Knowing only what you know now about these candidates, if the election were today, which one would get your vote?

Mike DeWine – 42.15%

Richard Cordray – 38.08%

Undecide – 16.92%

Green or Liberterian Candidate – 2.81%

Q-6:  What is the likelihood that you will actually vote in the Ohio General Election this fall?

I will Definitely vote in the General Election – 93.59%

It is Highly Likely I will vote in the General – 5.30%

I will Probably NOT vote in the General – 0.63%

I will NOT vote in the General – 0.48%

Q-7:  What is your political affiliation?

Republican – 40.84%

Democrat – 32.72%

Independent – 25.08%

Liberterian – 0.80%

Green – 0.66%

Q-8:  What is Gender?

Female – 54.20%

Male – 45.80%