The Fate of the Nation Depends on What WE do NOW!

Tucker Carlson’s monologue last night made it very clear that the fate of the nation is at stake based on what you and we do going forward. He also made it clear that President Trump needs to ACT to “protect the people who voted for him and the Constitutional rights of ALL Americans.” To date he has not done that as we all well know. You will not only want to watch this video, you will want to share it. Click Here or on the Image to watch it:

After watching this video, I found this story extremely concerning:
“Trump AG Nominee Bill Barr is “Best Friends with Robert Mueller”
Hard to imagine that Bill Barr is the man we can trust to “protect” Trump Supporters!

However, this article by Johnathan Turley is VERY IMPORTANT to our Border Wall fight:
“Yes, Trump has right to declare national emergency for Border Wall”
Please share this with those who believe the made up Democrat Talking Points

We must ACT to support the President RIGHT NOW as Carlson points out.
Everyone should be calling members of Congress at 202-224-3121
Please also call or physically go to their local offices and demand they fund the Wall.
Then do some sort of PUBLIC Protest to Support the President!
Even if it is just you with a sign saying “Build the Wall!” at a busy intersection!
The Summit and Portage County TEA Party groups are doing a Sign-Wave Saturday.

Watch and share this video and share this email – then ACT!
Our Nation’s fate Depends on what YOU and WE DO! If you watch the video you will see that is not an exaggeration.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention