Do you “deserve” Equal Protection under the Law?


My Fellow Patriots,

Over two weeks ago Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost was presented with the letter below and asked to LEAD an effort to get other State’s Attorney Generals, and the FBI and DOJ, to do their jobs and FINALLY provide conservatives and Christians and Trump supporters with their Constitutionally GUARANTEED rights to “equal protection under the law” and “equal justice under the law”. All we asked Dave Yost to do is, enforce Ohio’s laws against anyone who broke those laws in attacking the Covington Catholic students, show a little leadership and edit the letter we provided and then send it around to ask other State’s Attorney Generals to join him, and let the FBI and DOJ know that we EXPECT them to use the full force or federal law to protect and defend these students. Read the letter and then tell me why that is asking to much?

Then tell me why I even have to write such a letter to suggest that the Attorney General we just elected do his job and investigate if any Ohio citizens made those threats against the Covington Catholic student’s, their parents, others in their community and their school since Covington Catholic is just across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. Perhaps the AG did not get the message, even though at least two people specifically told me they forwarded it to him two weeks ago. If you agree that Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost should take the lead in PROVING that conservatives, Christians and Trump voters are entitled to and will get “equal protection under the law” then perhaps you will want to contact his office and asking him why he hasn’t yet done that:

Contact Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost and ask him to investigate these online threats to see if any of them came from Ohio Citizens.
Call the Ohio Attorney General: 800-282-0515
Contact the Ohio AG online:

Why Civil Law Suits are NOT Enough:

While we certainly support the massive number of law suits that are going to be filed in this case, it is not enough for these criminals to be targeted by private law suits. The people who are consistently, unfairly, and illegally attacking us need to know that society as a whole rejects their actions and methods, not just we as Christians and Conservatives, but all of society. The only way to make that clear is for our government, which is supposed to enforce the rules we all agree upon as a society, enforces our laws upon those who break those laws.

Right now, the regressive communist/socialist Democrat Left believe that society is on their side, because up until now law enforcement has not stopped them. It is up to people we elect, like Ohio AG Dave Yost, to enforce the rule of law EQUALLY.  That is NOT HAPPENING and we cannot continue to just sit back and let the Left have open season to do anything they want to us. The question facing all of us is “Why would the left stop targeting us if they face no consequences for doing so?”  We must make sure that they suffer consequences for these actions – not just the common people but Hollywood elites, elected officials, members of the media, and corporate leaders. That is Dave Yost’s job and he needs to do his job! Please take whatever action you feel is appropriate to ensure that your rights and OUR rights are protected!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention