The Left is bringing the Fight to US in our State:

Can WE in Ohio Build the Firewall to Stop the Destruction of the Electoral College???

“A proposed constitutional amendment has been submitted to the office of AG Dave Yost to require Ohio’s electoral votes to be awarded to the winner of the national popular vote in presidential elections.Submitted by attorney Don McTigue, the proposal would require the General Assembly within 60 days of its adoption to take all necessary legislative action to ensure that Ohio’s 18 electoral votes go to the candidate with the most votes nationwide. AG Yost is required to act to determine if the summary of the proposal is fair and truthful. If that bar is cleared, it will then be certified to the Ballot Board.”

As you will read in this excellent article by KrisAnn Hall the Soros back communist on the Left have already voted to give away their state’s electoral votes in 14 States with 184 Electoral College votes. We are going to have to educate the public and defeat this on the ballot in Ohio in November. Read KrisAnn’s article to learn how to explain to your fellow citizens how stupid and dangerous this is to our Republic and our individual Freedom and Liberty.

Click here or on the image to hear Dick Morris explain how serious a threat this is to us in Ohio and our nation:


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