We Must Stand with Trump on Tariffs

Don’t Buy the lies We need to Back Trump in this Fight with China

Do not trust the fake news, the so-called experts, and the stock market doom- and-gloom about the tariffs on China. The guy I trust on this whole issue is Gordon Chang who has explained all along that if Trump doesn’t do exactly what he is doing, and what Obama would not do, then China will destroy the United States.

Understand, the Chinese have one goal – WORLD DOMINATION! They are not like us, they do NOT LIKE US, and EVERYTHING they do is part of their 100 year plan to defeat the United States economically, militarily and politically.

My fellow Patriots, right now, at this moment, we have the Communist Chinese over a barrel. They cannot win this tariff war, because they need us more than we need them! We buy like $800 Billion in goods from them and they buy like $150 Billion from us. If we stop buying the goods from them, that should be manufactured in the US in the first place, or keep raising the price of them through tariffs, their economy will collapse! If their economy collapses, they can’t keep funding their massive military buildup and they can’t continue to expand across the globe. They will give in and they will stop threatening the US in the decades to come if we hold firm and back Trump right now.

So get it straight with everyone in your circle. This isn’t just an economic issue, this is THE most important national security issue since the fall of the Soviet Union. Trump needs to bring them to their knees and stop them from steeling more of our technology and money to use AGAINST US!

If we have to pay more for our next IPhone or for clothes or if the globalist on Wall Street have to pay the price for selling out the American worker and our national security so they could become filthy rich over the past 25 years – so be it! What price Freedom??? I for one will pay whatever the price I am asked to pay to defeat our enemies and preserve our Liberty!!

President Trump understands that we have been setup to fail by the betrayal of the political establishment and their globalist funders. He is doing what none of them had the integrity to do and that is to defend the United States and to fight to win.

I urge you to pass this email on to everyone you know and make sure they stand with the President because he is fighting for them and for the very survival of our nation. Our friend Dick Morris explains it well in this short video and he is more articulate than I. Please click on this link to hear him explain it.