We Remember those who Defended our Freedoms

As soldiers place flags on the graves at Arlington National Cemetery this week, those of us in the Ohio TEA Party Movement will spend this Memorial Day remembering all those who died over the history of our nation defending our Freedoms and our Constitutional Republic. While we can never repay the debt that we owe these men and women and their families, today we will honor their sacrifice and thank them for all that this great nation has given to all of us, and for the prosperity and freedom that they and our nation has given to billions of people around the globe!

The Price of Freedom
Approximate US Military Killed in Action

From Revolutionary War to 2019


American Revolutionary War1775-178325,000
Northwest Indian War1785-1795~1,056
War of 18121812-1815~20,000
1st Seminole War1817-181836
Black Hawk War1832305
2nd Seminole War1835-18421,535
Mexican-American War1846-184813,283
3rd Seminole War1855-185826
Civil War1861-1865~625,000
Indian Wars1865-1898919
Great Sioux War1875-1877314
Spanish-American War18982,446
Philippine-American War1898-19134,196
Boxer Rebellion1900-1901131
Mexican Revolution1914-1919~35
Haiti Occupation1915-1934148
World War I1917-1918116,516
North Russia Campaign1918-1920424
American Exped. Force Siberia1918-1920328
Nicaragua Occupation1927-193348
World War II1941-1945405,399
Korean War1950-195336,516
Vietnam War1955-197558,209
Operation Eagle Claw198010
El Salvador Civil War1980-199237
Persian Gulf War1990-1991258
Operation Provide Comfort1991-199619
Somalia Intervention1992-199543
NATO Air Campaign Yugoslavia199920
War Against ISIS2018-201962
TOTAL FOR ALL CONFLICTS1775-20191,320,078