Call the White House NOW!

I need YOU to CALL the White House RIGHT NOW!
Tell the President – Don’t Take the Bait Mr. President!
Follow your Instincts and keep us out of War!
Don’t Believe the Deep State/DC Liars!

The President Needs YOUR Support!
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The Iranians and the US Deep State, perhaps with the aid of Israel, are trying to get President Trump into a War that we don’t want and we don’t need. In the past, disruption of oil in the Middle East was a serious threat to U.S. business because we depended on that oil to run our nation. NOW WE DO NOT! Thanks to President Trump unleashing the US Energy Sector by encouraging Fracking, we don’t need ANY oil from the Middle East! So, why would we go to War with IRAN because they shot down a drone – even it fit cost $120 Million? We shouldn’t!

The President was RIGHT to stop the counter attack “because it wasn’t proportionate.” Israel wants to get us into a war with Iran so we will destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. The Deep State wants to get us into a War with Iran because it will cause Trump to break one of his Campaign promises and help them defeat him in the 2020 election. We the People do NOT want Trump to take us to war with Iran because it is OUR sons and daughters who will die in that fight, not the sons and daughters of elite inside the beltway leftists, and it is our Freedom that will be lost if Trump loses in 2020!

I am not saying we don’t take any action against bad actors, but the fact is that the sanctions on Iran are working and we don’t need to go to war to overthrow the radical islamic rulers in Iran we can starve them out. Call the White House and urge the President NOT to be bullied by the media and the Deep State into doing something he knows he should not do!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention