Google Gets Caught Red Handed!

The Project Veritas Video Exposing Google’s efforts to censor conservatives and affect the outcome of US elections has been removed from YouTube – which is owned by Google. If you didn’t see the Video yesterday, you MUST watch it on Project Veritas’s website at this link or by clicking the Image:

Project Veritas PROVES Google is out to reverse YOUR vote in 2016 and DEFEAT Donald Trump in 2020! They are actively, knowingly, INTENTIONALLY censoring YOU, misleading YOU, INDOCTRINATING YOU – on your Internet searches, on your GMail Account, on your Google doc’s, on your Android Phone, on your Cromebook, EVERYWHERE! Stop using them! 

Only use the Brave Browser and use only as your search engine regardless of the browser you use. Change your gmail email to a or email. Know your enemy, by watching this video, but take steps to DEFEND your Freedom of Speech!

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