Response to Letter Published in Columbus Dispatch dated 12/13/14

Titled: Republican’s to TEA Party: Stop Costing us elections

Dear Mr. Smith,

I thank you for writing your letter to the Editor is the 12/13/14 edition of the Columbus Dispatch. It gives me the opportunity to correct the misinformation you presented, that has been invented and propagated by Karl Rove and the Republican Establishment to hide their failures and corrupt activities by blaming the TEA Party for their election disasters.

Let me begin by correcting your first misstatement, when you say “they attack Republicans, not Democrats.” Would you accept our defeating the sitting Ohio Democratic Party Chairman in the past election as factual evidence that we “attack” Democrats as well as Republicans? Not to mention the five year war we have waged, at times with little Republican support, with President Obama, whom I am pretty sure is a Democrat, over Obamacare?

Next let me help you see how Rove and company have lied to you and other Republicans to distort the election results you site from 2010 and 2012 to cover their corrupt activities. In 2010, you sight the losses by “TEA Party” Republican candidates Ken Buck in CO, O’Donnell in DE, and Angle in NV. However, Rove and company don’t want you to remember the “TEA Party” wins by Mike Crapo in ID, Mike Lee in UT, John Hoeven in ND, Jerry Moran in KS and Tom Coburn in OK do they? But here is the real secret they don’t want you to know. Buck lost in Colorado by less than 1% and Angle lost in NV by only 5.2% and Mr. Rove and company did NOTHING to support these REPUBLICAN candidates. Both of whom experts agree could have won if Rove and the Establishment did not INTENTIONALLY withhold funding.

In 2012, if is a fact that Establishment Republican Senate Candidates lost more races than TEA Party Candidates, and by larger margins, despite Chief RINO herder Carl Rove spending a BILLION dollars on their candidates. Ever since 2012 they have been trying to distract the gullible GOP donors, like you, by trying to blame the TEA Party, when Rove and Company deserve all the blame. See here is the other secret I will let you in on. After TEA Party Republicans have won Senate primaries fair and square, Rove and company not only don’t support them, the Republican candidate, they actually undermined them. Proving, once again, that the Liberal Republican Establishment you have been misled by, would rather have a Democrat win than a Conservative Republican they don’t control.

Your statement that we don’t understand that we must win the general elections is as inaccurate as your saying that the TEA Party cost “us”, meaning the Republicans, the Senate in 2010 and 2012. Funny how you don’t count the HISTORIC 64 seat TEA Party fueled House wins in the 2010 GENERAL ELECTION as our understanding the process. Do you see any inconsistency here? We can win House seats but not Senate seats which are much more expensive to run. Who controls the money, the TEA Party or Rove and Company? Who’s fault is it when we don’t win Senate seats due to our candidates not having enough money? Who cost the Republicans the Senate the Establishment or the TEA Party?

The latest Gallop Poll (Sept ’14) showed that 24% of ALL Americans affiliate with the TEA Party and that 42% of Republican consider themselves TEA Party members. So your statement that only 1 in 5 Republicans are in the TEA Party appears to be grossly inaccurate. This was never more evident in November 2014 when it was the TEA Party that caused the Republicans to take control of the Senate. You point to Roberts, McConnell, Cochran, and Graham – all of whom withstood TEA Party Challenges in the primary. However, you and Rove fail to talk about Tom Cotton (AR), Joni Ernst (IA), Thom Tillis (NC), Garnder (CO), Sullivan (AK), Lankford (OK), Enzi (WY), and others who are TEA Party through and through, and many of whom came out of the House after the TEA Party elected them in 2010. Not to mention the fact that it was TEA Party support in the General Election that allowed Roberts in (KS) and Cochran in (MS) to win after the establishment BEGGED for our support.

So Mr. Smith, you should be clear on three things. The enemy of the Republican Party is not the TEA Party, but the corrupt Republican Establishment that is controlled by the US Chamber of Commerce and the K-Street machine that has sold out you, and the rest of our nation, for 30 pieces of silver and trillions more. Second, that the only reason that the Republican party will be in control of the US House and the US Senate in 2015 is because of the incredible selfless commitment and effort of the heroic common citizens who make up the TEA Party and defend our Constitution against Karl Rove and your Republican Establishment friends. Third, that the TEA Party will make sure that no Republican wins the White House in 2016 if those who we elected to the US House and Senate in 2010, 2012 and 2014 do not keep their promises to the American People to defund Obamacare, stop the Illegal Immigration Amnesty, cut oppressive government regulations so the businesses can create jobs, and cut taxes. As for Senator Portman, he will have to stand on his record in 2016, just like everyone else.

Tom Zawistowski


Ohio Citizens PAC

PRESS RELEASE – Saturday, December 6, 2014


Akron, OH – Ohio Citizens PAC President, Tom Zawistowski, called the latest Redistricting Reform Proposal being discussed in the Ohio House “self-serving” and “anti-voter.” Zawistowski said “Claiming that they are acting out of fairness and in the public interest, this self-serving plan is really intended to allow the party in power to control it’s members, by punishing those who do not get in line, by redistricting them out of office. As Republican Ron Hood said on the House Floor Thursday night, under this plan, it will not be a House of Representative chosen by the people, it will be a House that chooses which people get to vote for them. It is anti-voter, because it takes choice away from voters. If you vote for the wrong person, or heaven forbid someone who actually represents you instead of the party’s interest, then you will be put in a different district so you can’t vote for them again.”

Zawistowski went on to say, “We have already seen the anti-democratic results of redistricting done by the politicians protecting their own self interests and not our voting rights in this last election. We had NO competitve Congressional races, we had NO competitive Ohio Senate races, and we had perhaps four competitive Ohio House races out of 99. That is why people don’t vote, because the two political parties have already rigged the vote by redistricting and through other anti-democratic means. Our Republic is being destroyed by these type of activities and we the citizens can not allow it. It is clear that the citizens of Ohio are going to have to take action to defend their right to vote. Which means a ballot initiative and I think that is what we are going to have to do.”


Ohio Citizens PAC Supports Actions by Ohio Senate Asks House to Follow Through

Akron, OH – The Ohio Citizens PAC came out today to support two initiatives by the Ohio Senate. The group supports Ohio House Bill 5, which brings some much needed reform to Ohio’s burdensome and overly complicated Municipal Tax system, and Senate President Keith Faber’s Ballot Issue Plan On Pay Raises. HB 5 passed the Ohio Senate on Wednesday and the Ohio Citizens PAC is urging all Ohio House members to vote to pass it this week so that the Governor can sign it into law before the end of the year. The Pay Raise Ballot Issue (SB9) is being fast tracked and was referred to the State Government Oversight & Reform Committee before going to the House.

In announcing it’s support, the organization’s President, Tom Zawistowski, said “While HB 5 has been through a multi-year gauntlet, during which municipalities have managed to remove many reforms that are still needed, the bill is still a small step in the right direction. However much more needs to be done as was outlined in the recent Buckeye Institute white paper released November 6, 2014. The dirty little secret in Ohio is that we are not one of the highest tax states in the nation because of state taxes, but because of the 6,400 local taxing agencies that take $4 billion out of Ohio tax payers pockets each year. Often through double taxation schemes and onerous penalties and fees from employers who fail to navigate the convoluted and confusing tax landscape. This hurts small business employers and stifles job creation. We urge the House to pass this bill and then do more in the next session.”

Zawistowski added “Our organization and all Ohio tax payers should be against the Stebelton pay raise bill in the Ohio House, which pretty much just gives every state employee a 3% raise. The Faber Pay Raise Ballot Issue (SB9) is a much more fair and reasoned approach to the problem. While there is no way to completely take politics out of the mix, this bill strikes the right balance of having citizen involvement with the process with some legislative oversight. We expect it to clear the Senate and we will encourage House members to approve it.”

Zawistowski identified one more Senate action of interest by saying “One bill we have our eye on, and will be watching in the Senate, is House Bill 175 by Representative DoVilla which attempts to codify the “Open Checkbook” iniative implemented by Ohio Treasure Josh Mandel. This effort by Mandel far exceeded our expectations as far as providing transparency for every dollar that the State of Ohio spends and we congratulate Treasure Mandel and his staff for this effort. We understand that the Governor’s office is working against the DeVitis bill in the Senate and we hope that Ohio’s Senators will vote for the people of Ohio and make sure that these type of online tools will always be available from the Ohio Treasures office.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying “We are obviously still hoping for action on the Heartbeat Bill, Common Core repeal and the American Laws for American Courts bill and will keep pushing them. All of these initiatives have overwhelming support among Ohio voters and yet special interest manage to keep our Representatives from keeping their campaign promises and acting in the best interest of the voters. I can only assure them that they should pass all of these initiative now, because we are not going away until they are passed, either by those we elected to the next House and Senate or by people we elect who will replace them in the House and Senate in 2016.”


Ohio Speaker of the House Survey

Speaker_of_the_HouseWe are conducting a survey for State Representatives to declare and explain whom they will be supporting for Speaker of the House of for the next legislative session beginning in 2015.

1) Click here to identify your Representative District.

2) Once you have identified your District, click on the link below to see your Representative’s response.

3) If you Representative has not yet responded, please forward him or her our survey and respectfully ask for a response.

Click here for the survey link.

Ohio House Districts

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Ohio Speaker of the House – Where does your Rep stand?

Speaker_of_the_HouseThe Representative from this District has not yet chosen to tell the voters who elected him/her who they intend to vote for as the new Speaker of the Ohio House and why by returning the survey provided to them by the Ohio Citizens PAC.

They have also not chosen to commit that their vote will be consistent with the Ohio Constitution and with the campaign promises that they made when you voted to elect them.

Please email your representative a copy of the survey and ask them to return it to you, so that you can forward it to the Ohio Citizens PAC or call their office and ask them why the feel that you do not have a right to know who they think will best represent your interests as the Speaker of the House, the third most powerful political position in the State of Ohio.

Click here to download our Speaker of the House survey to forward to your representative.

Ohio Citizens PAC Defends Kraus in face of Indictment


Ohio Citizens PAC Stands with Steve Kraus in Face of Indictment of Newly Elected Representative

Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, announced today his organizations firm commitment to stand with newly elected Ohio Representative Steve Kraus who has been indicted by a grand jury in Ottawa County on burglary charges. Zawistowski said “The idea that Steve Kraus, who makes his living as an auctioneer, would risk his business and personal income by committing a petty theft, while in the middle of the highest profile election in Ottowa County is just ridiculous on it’s face. Anyone who knows Steve Kraus, as I do, knows that he is a person of unquestioned integrity and honesty. It is our belief that this entire event is politically motivated and that Steve will be found innocent of the charges. Unlike the cowards in the Republican Party who never stand and defend one of their own, even when they are falsely attacked, we proudly stand with Steve Kraus and will do everything in our power to aid his legal efforts to fight off this attempt to destroy his reputation. We look forward to having Steve representing the citizens of Ottawa and Erie counties in the Ohio House for years to come.”

Zawistowski went on to say “The back story on this despicable attempt to destroy the reputation of good man, is that he is being attacked simply because he “dared” to challenge the political machine. Steve Kraus was challenging Chris Redfern, the powerful Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party who is known to be a bully. His crony, Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan, sat on this case from July until September before releasing it to the public right before the election, in an attempt to intimidate Kraus into dropping out of the race or at least destroying his chances of winning. Unfortunately for Redfern and Mulligan, the voters in Ottowa and Erie county knew from personal experience how corrupt Redferm and Mulling are and believed Steve when he declared his innocence and elected him. Now the Ohio Republican Party, who had little interest in defeating the Ohio Democratic Chairman despite having polling that showed a good chance for a win, is “gleeful” about the charges against Kraus, because they would love the chance to keep anyone they don’t control from serving in the Ohio House  by appointing their own party hack to replace Steve if convicted.”

Zawistowski, concluded by saying “I am humbled by the courage of Steve Kraus as he stands up against the unbelievable corruption in both political parties in Ohio for the benefit of common citizens. He is a man of strong faith and conviction and I, and the 2,000,000 voters in Ohio who support the TEA Party, will do everything in our power to support him. We in the TEA Party have been the target of the politics of personal destruction at every turn but our message is clear. We will not be intimidated, we will not surrender our constitutional rights to participate in the electoral process, and we will continue to recruit, support, elect and hold accountable representatives at all levels of government who will stand on principle and act in the best interests of the citizens.”

Zawistowski, concluded by saying “I am humbled by the courage of Steve Kraus as he stands up against the unbelievable corruption in both political parties in Ohio for the benefit of common citizens. He is a man of strong faith and conviction and I, and the 2,000,000 voters in Ohio who support the TEA Party, will do everything in our power to support him. We in the TEA Party have been the target of the politics of personal destruction at every turn but our message is clear. We will not be intimidated, we will not surrender our constitutional rights to participate in the electoral process, and we will continue to recruit, support, elect and hold accountable representatives at all levels of government who will stand on principle and act in the best interests of citizens.”


Highland County Press give perspective on OCP Speaker Efforts

11/21/2014 6:51:00 PM

The Cynic searches in vain

Rory Ryan
Rory Ryan

Rory Ryan


Diogenes the Cynic spent much of his life in search of an honest man. To the best of my knowledge, he didn’t find one.

He probably spent too much time around the politicians of his day.

Poor old Tom Zawistowski must know how Diogenes felt.

Mr. Zawistowski is president of the Ohio Citizens Political Action Committee.

This week, he began distributing a House speakership survey to all Ohio Republican House members.

As of this moment, the only House member who has responded is the conservative Clermont County Republican, Rep. John Becker.

According to a news release from Mr. Zawistowski, Rep. Becker tells the citizens of the 65th District (and the state of Ohio) that he “voted for Representative Jim Butler for House speaker because he appeared to be the candidate most substantive.”

Representative Butler, of course, lost to Rep. Cliff Rosenberger of Clinton County.

That’s all well and fine.

But Mr. Zawistowski – and others – would like a little more transparency regarding the political process. (Good luck with that.)

“Surveys are being distributed to all Republican Ohio House members so that the citizens they represent can know, before the official vote in January, who their representatives intend to support for speaker of the Ohio House and why,” Mr. Zawistowski said.

“They are also being asked to assure voters that their speaker vote is consistent with the Ohio Constitution and the promises they campaigned on during the past election.”

Both requests seem reasonable enough.

“The issue comes down to elected members of the Ohio House defending the right of all citizens to be represented in the Ohio House by the people they elected,” Mr. Zawistowski said. “Will their vote for speaker ensure an independent Ohio House not controlled by the governor, as required by our Constitution?”

Again, reasonable requests.

Sadly, those in political power look at people like Mr. Zawistowski as if he’s tilting at windmills. (He isn’t.)

As someone who was (but no longer is) a registered Republican for more years than Cliff Rosenberger has been alive, I can assure you that the questions raised by Mr. Zawistowski deserve answers from elected officials. I can further assure you that no answers will be forthcoming. Trust me.

Republicans own Ohio at this point in time. They will not debate their opponents during the campaign season. They refuse to answer questions from the public and press, if those questions are too tough. The locals follow the state’s lead, too. Let there be no doubt. (Obama’s Jonathan Gruber isn’t the only one playing taxpayers for fools.)

Ohio Republicans often stretch the limitations of their own arms, patting themselves and each other on the back. Last week, Gov. Kasich complimented the new House speaker on his secret-ballot victory and mentioned his alleged commitment to attracting new jobs in the 91st House District. The governor did not mention any specifics as how the speaker-elect attracted these jobs or where they might be or what they might pay. (The new House speaker has created zero jobs and he knows it.)

According to Policy Matters Ohio, “Ohio’s 12-month job growth rate did not break 1 percent (0.7 percent), including the 1,000 jobs gained in October and an upward revision of the gain previously reported for September. Over the same time, the national growth rate (1.9 percent) was more than double the state’s. While the country has recovered the jobs lost during the recession and has grown by an additional 1 percent, Ohio still needs 110,900 jobs (2 percent), just to get back to our pre-recession job count.”

From those of us who have spent 40 years or more working in the private sector, Policy Matters Ohio seems more accurate than the Ohio GOP Machine, which, upon learning that a private company just hired a new employee, immediately takes credit.

We have witnessed similar political expediency in Highland County when one of the few remaining local manufacturing entities added a few jobs and a dubious politician quickly claimed credit. (We’re still waiting for confirmation from the company.)

What’s painfully obvious to anyone who’s watching is this: Ohio Republicans are quick to take credit for whatever success stories they can find. But don’t expect them to accept any blame for the failures.

Let’s consider the latest local ventures at taxpayers’ expense.

Less than five years ago, Highland County had one economic development director. The position was eliminated, as commissioners said it was no longer feasible.

Today, the city of Hillsboro has announced that the mayor’s erstwhile real estate agent is now the new economic development director for the city. Meanwhile, the county has announced that it, too, needs an economic development director.

What gives?

And at what cost?

And at what return on (taxpayers’) investment?

Less than five years ago, Highland County Republicans decided that one economic development director was an excessive expense. Today, two are a necessity.

Perhaps they are in direct competition?

It reminds me of the joke the late Roy Gabbert used to tell me. “When I first opened my law practice in West Union, I almost starved. Then, another lawyer moved to town and we both got rich.”

Reasonable minds might suggest that these two new directors of economic development work together and avoid costly and unnecessary duplications of services – all at taxpayers’ expense.

Reasonable minds also might suggest that the employers of these directors present an outline to the public of their respective duties and expectations. Surely, they will be expected to bring in sufficient new revenues to justify their positions.

If not, let’s refer back to the local Republicans’ decision of March 2010 (

In March 2010, the county said: “Due to limited funds and our access to Rafael Underwood, who is a regional economic recovery coordinator for Highland, Clinton, and Fayette counties, we are moving in this direction. Rafael has been very instrumental in other areas of economic development. We are, therefore, taking advantage of his connections with the Ohio Department of Development to further Highland County economic development and to pursue a regional view that can, hopefully, benefit this entire area.”

That was the last time Rafael Underwood was discussed in open session at the Highland County Board of Commissioners’ meetings. Why?

Diogenes would understand.

Rory Ryan is publisher and owner of The Highland County Press.

Representative John Becker is First to Return Speaker Vote Survey

Akron, OH – Ohio Representative John Becker (R-District 65) became the first to return the Ohio House Speaker vote survey being distributed by Liberty Group leaders and members. Becker tells the citizens of the 65th District that he “voted for Representative Jim Butler because he appeared to be the candidate most substantive.” Becker also said that he is still open to changing his vote before January and will “consider any and all candidates.”

Survey’s are being distributed to all Republican Ohio House members so that the citizens they represent can know, before the official vote in January, who their Representatives intend to support for Speaker of the Ohio House and why. They are also being asked to assure voters that their Speaker vote is consistent with the Ohio Constitution and the promises they campaigned on during the past election. Becker’s full survey is attached.


Press Release: Liberty Groups Begin Distributing House Speakership Survey

Liberty Groups begin distributing House Speakership survey to Ohio Republican House Members
Akron, OH – Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, announced that Liberty Group leaders and members around the state have begun distributing the Ohio Citizens PAC survey to Republican Representatives concerning their January vote for Speaker of the Ohio House. The multi-question survey asks Ohio Republican House members to disclose, to the citizens they represent, who they voted for in the “straw poll” held last week and why they voted for that person. They are also asked to assure citizens that the actual vote they will cast in January will be consistent with the Ohio Constitution and with the positions they ran on to get elected among other things. (Copy of full survey attached as PDF.)
In making the announcement, Zawistowski said, “The issue comes down to elected members of the Ohio House defending the right of all citizens to be represented in the Ohio House by the people they elected. Will their vote for Speaker ensure an Independent Ohio House not controlled by the Governor as required by our Constitution? Will their vote for Speaker in January be consistent with the campaign promises they made to the citizens who voted for them and elected them? Will their vote ensure voters that their voices will not be silenced by the next speaker and that conflicting views on issues will be heard in what must be a deliberative body to truly represent all the varying views of the people of Ohio?”
Zawistowski continued “If our representatives do not stand on principle, they willingly turn their backs on the few voters who still came out to vote for them this month, believing that our system of government can still work. Believing that those who swear an oath to our Constitution will faithfully defend that oath. To betray these citizens will deny them the opportunity for the issues that matter to them to be heard and debated on the floor of the House by their duly elected Representatives. That is what the Governor’s blatant attempts to install his puppet as House Speaker are designed to do. Government of the people, by the people, and for the people will be replaced by government for the people who donate money to the Kasich campaign – to the detriment of all other citizens.”
Zawistowski, concluded by saying “The citizens in each Ohio House District deserve to know who their Representative intends to vote for as the next House Speaker and why. This is the people’s business, it should be conducted in the full light of day and not in some back room “secret ballot”, that is determined by influence pedaling and worse, a month before the legal vote. The Ohio Revised Code calls for the vote to be taken in public on January 5, 2014 and nothing less than a full roll call vote for this important government position is deserved by the citizens of Ohio. The only thing a “unanimous vote” tells the people, particularly when it includes Democratic votes that should clearly be dissenting, is that the fix was in and the rights of the people lost out to the special interests. We will publish the results of each Representatives survey on our website at and we will expose any who refuse to fill out the survey. Our actions are designed for no other purpose but to defend the rights of the citizens of Ohio to be heard in the peoples House, and to hold accountable any and all people or parties who will deny them their lawful constitutional rights.”

Media Spin of Kasich Win in Ohio Distorts the Facts

Media Spin of Kasich Win in Ohio Distorts the Facts
Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, today rejected the spin the media is putting on the re-election of Ohio Governor John Kasich, prompted by Kasich and his staff, as a distortion of the facts.  Kasich won re-election by a 31% margin and won in 86 of Ohio’s 88 counties. He and his team are trying to use the results, such as their winning “69% of Independent Voters, 60% of Women Voters, and 57% of Young Voters”, to suggest that Kasich could be a viable republican candidate for President in 2016.
Commenting on the Governors “race” Zawistowski said “Here are the facts that the media is leaving out of their post election reports of what actually happened in Ohio. As the chart below shows, nearly a million more Ohioans stayed home this year compared with 2010 – 3,956,045 vs 3,010,760 – because the voters are not stupid and they knew they had no real choice for governor. This year Kasich ran virtually unopposed, due to his nefarious actions, and had 18 times the cash, $20 million compared with $4.6 million for FitzGerald, yet he only attracted a measly 33,000 more votes than he got in 2010. Which shows that his popularity is not what he claims. Furthermore, 88,000 Ohioans voted and left the Governor’s choice blank, more than his margin of victory in 2010. In his two elections for governor, Kasich has yet to attract even 25% of the votes in the state – having had only 23.5% of voters vote for him in 2010 and only 24.81% in 2014. Hardly a mandate. Kasich did not get people to vote for him, he only got people to not vote at all and stay home. If they would not vote for him this year, they would not come out to vote for him for president in 2016, they would come out to vote against him.”
Zawistowski concluded, “We just had an election for Governor in which not one issue was discussed. Not one debate was held about the actual state of the Ohio economy and our future direction. Despite Kasich’s dubious claims of economic growth Ohio is 44th in the nation in job growth, we are still 200,000 jobs down from where we were when the bottom fell out. We haven’t even recovered let alone grown jobs and Kasich is just blowing smoke about how everyone is doing great. Does anyone believe that Kasich could win Ohio in a presidential race when Barack Obama got over 1,000,000 more votes in 2012 than Kasich did in 2014 running without any credible Democratic campaign or money against him? Particularly after alienating the conservative base with his liberal first term record as indicated in the chart below? Like we said before this election, not only would conservatives not vote for John Kasich for president, we would not work for him as a presidential candidate and he can’t win if we don’t.  He would not have won re-election this year if he had not bribed the democrats and kept other candidates off the ballot. What he did to win re-election this year will not work in a presidential election.”