Akron, OH – Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, derided the Supreme Court 6-3 ruling to uphold the Obama Administrations decision to provide healthcare cost subsidies to people enrolled in the Federal Healthcare Exchanges. Zawistowski said “I think we should all go out and break any law we want today, because we are no longer a nation of laws. You can say that you simply “interpret” the meaning of the words in any law, any way that serves your needs. I’ll drive 70 in a 55 mile per hour zone today, because 55 doesn’t really mean 55 in my opinion, or in the law that Congress passed, because I have to get to the next appointment on time and it was not the “intention” of Congress for me to be late because that would cost me money. Right? This ruling shows that US Supreme Court does not uphold the rule of law. They can’t even read English. They rule on what the “outcome” of the ruling will be not on what the law actually says. That is not their job. That is the job of Congress. They should have said to Congress, the law says what it says and if you didn’t mean it to say that then Congress needs to fix it. But the Court did not rule that way and that is the problem.”

Zawistowski continued, “This ruling shows that we now have no separation of powers. The Supreme Court feels that it must do the job of Congress. Everyone is doing the job of Congress except Congress, which insist upon giving all of it’s power to the Executive branch and is now conceding it to the Supreme Court. The “Law of this Land” is the Constitution, this ruling and the previous ruling by the Robert’s Court proves that the Constitution does not exist. The Governing class is free to interpret any law, any way they want, regardless of the actual written words, to implement their agenda.”

Zawistowski concluded, “Obamacare has never had the majority of Americans behind it. Obamacare has been jammed down our throats by elitist of both political parties. Every branch of government has participated in this unlawful, unconstitutional takeover of our healthcare system.  We in the TEA Party Movement have stood against this law from the beginning for three reasons. The first is the preservation of our personal Liberty. Throughout history, dictators and despots have moved to take over healthcare as a means of controlling the population. If Government controls your healthcare, they control you. That is the intent of Obamacare, not to give healthcare to those who cannot afford it, but to destroy the individual freedom and liberty of American citizens to make their own healthcare choices.

Second, we stood against Obamacare because we knew that it would increase the cost of healthcare for all Americans dramatically and artificially because it eliminated competition.  The result has been that we have all seen a 40% tax increase on our healthcare cost, something that no one would have supported if that were disclosed during the passage of the law. Which is why it was not disclosed as Jonathan Gruber so boastfully pointed out.

Third we knew it would drive down the quality of healthcare by eliminating innovation and by driving doctors out of the medical industry. Not only are doctors dropping out in record numbers and retiring earlier, they are no longer encouraging their children to enter the field. The result is a collapse in the quality of healthcare and an inability to meet the growing healthcare needs of an aging population.

The TEA Party Movement will not stop this fight to replace Obamacare with a Free Market alternative that returns control of our healthcare to individual Americans and their doctors.  Any candidate for any office who does not commit to replacing Obamacare, will not get our votes in coming elections regardless of party. The Republican’s in particular who have run and been elected on the promise to “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” now must fulfill that promise or face the consequences from an angry electorate.”


Why YOU need to run for School Board THIS YEAR!

Lots of things are important in life, it’s just that some things are more important than others. While it is important, and even exciting, for some to talk about all the Presidential candidates, the reality is that we are more impacted by out of control government locally than we are federally.  All the flawed policies, and wasteful spending, that the federal government implements, are implemented by your state and local government. Common Core being one egregious example.

Instead of taking up your time watching the “bright shiny object” of the Presidential races, particularly in 2015 when nothing they say changes anything, we need to recognize a critical opportunity to do something that is much more important and much more attainable in 2015.  We need You to run for school board in your local area.

Now it has always been important for your movement to try and take back our schools by taking over the school board and we have been successful in some case in doing that. However, this year the stakes are higher than ever.  Why?  Changes in the teachers retirement system.

The State Teachers Retirement System changed the rules a few years ago and is now going to calculate teacher and administrator retirement benefits based on the five highest years of income instead of the three highest years. The result being a lower base rate. Plus they have changed the rules about who can retire and when. The result being that many teachers who don’t retire in the next two or three years will lose approximately 11.5% of their annual income for life.  That’s a huge incentive for teachers and administrators to get out now and that is exactly what is happening.

Why is that important to Conservatives and why does it make winning school board seats more important now than it has ever been? Well as conservatives, we are concerned about taxation. A large part of our property taxes go to school districts. (Even if you rent, you pay the property taxes through your rent, the landlord doesn’t pay them!)  In 99% of school districts, those taxes only go up, they never come down. Even when we have less students, they spend it anyway.  While we have been successful in defeating some levy renewals, we have not had enough success, because the schools would often make a case that they could not survive any cuts because their expense kept going up. Uninformed people in the community believe it, and therefore, we have been able to defeat new levies but not renewal levies.  However, that is all about to change – if we take action NOW.

It is critical that we win school board seats this year, because all of these teacher and administrator retirements are going to save school districts millions of dollars in salaries. These retires are the highest paid employees in the schools and they are going to be replaced with young teachers who should cost about 40% of what the old teachers were making. So, for example, one school district in Portage County announced that they have 18 teachers retiring this year. Each of them cost the tax payer $100,000 per year or more in salary and benefits – yea the 20% you pay above their pay for health insurance and for their retirement that teachers like to pretend is not part of their salary. So, that school district is going to save $1.8 million next year and then only have to spend $720,000 to replace them. Saving $1.08 million per year for years to come. That is only the beginning because more teachers will be retiring next year and the year after that.  For this small district, the saving will come out to over $3 million per year! For big school districts, it could be much more!

Now, do you think the unions are going to let the school board give that money back to the taxpayers like they should?  Of course not, they are going to spend it all. They will be demanding not 3% annual raises but 5% or more until it is all gone – because the school board can afford it! Unless we act, the school board will do it, because they are all former teachers, the husbands or fathers of teachers or former administrators. Once again the fix will be in UNLESS we do something about it!

With these savings, school boards should be in a position to not even put some renewal levies on the ballot.  We will be able to argue for the first time that they don’t need the money because of all the retirements.  But it will be a lot easier if we are sitting on the school board with a majority and we can vote not to put the renewal on the ballot!  Otherwise they will keep putting them on the ballot multiple times and lying to the tax payers until they are passed despite the fact that they don’t need the money!

They are already laying the groundwork. One of the administrators in our area has already been quoted as saying “Districts will save money with the lower salaries of beginning teachers, but will have to increase the supervision and monitoring in the classroom”!  So, let’s get this straight. Even thought they graduated from college and are certified to teach, and the superintendent hired them because they are qualified to do the job they hired them to do, we are going to have to pay to hire more high paid administrators to “monitor” these new teacher because they really aren’t qualified! Got it?  Yea right.  This chart shows that the biggest problem in public schools in the ridiculous increase in non-teaching staff:

It gets worse. In Avon Lake Ohio the citizens were dumb enough to just pass a 10 year renewable levy!!  Isn’t that interesting. Why would they do that? Why would the school board recommend that? Well, now when all those teacher retire, they won’t have a levy come up for  renewal for 10 years, during which the Union will distribute all that money to teachers and administrators so when it comes up for renewal, they can plead poverty AGAIN!

This is why YOU must consider putting yourself on the ballot this year to run for School Board. If you are on the school board, you can decide how this money is spent, or if it is returned to the tax payers. The deadline is the first week of August to put your name on the ballot. You simply go to the Board of Elections and flll out a form. You may need a few signatures depending on your county, but never more than 5.  The election is in November. So, from August until November you have to get out and ask for the community to vote for you.

Now, School Board races are what they call Non-Partisan, meaning you don’t run as a Republican or Democrat or Libertarian. Second, most school board have five members.  Depending on your school board, their may be three seats up for re-election or there will be two.  When you run, all candidates are usually running for all the seats. So, if their are two open seats, the top two vote getters win the seats. We need to get as many of us to run as possible and even if you are not up to running, you need to find someone who will and help them win by going door to door for them and asking your neighbors to support them. Best of all, these are low cost races. You need some signs and materials to hand out when you go door to door and perhaps a robo call or two.

Just know, that the Union is thinking the same thing. They will use your tax dollars, extorted through forced Union dues, to fund their Union candidates. They have databases of every person in your community who will vote yes on just about any levy. They will work to turn out their vote for Union candidates and you have just got to out work them and take those seats.

I wanted to spell this out for you so that you had time to consider running, or to find someone to run who has great name recognition in your community and who you could support. This is why the TEA Party exists. To cut taxes and hold people we elect accountable so that they spend our hard earned taxes wisely.  This year is the year that we can really make a difference.  Litterally, in many cases, if you could cut property taxes by not renewing a levy, it could make the difference between a senior citizen on social securty being able to keep their home! They are being force to sell their homes because they can not affort the property taxes and their social security income has not been increase in years. Let’s make the choice to take back some of our money this year and help everyone in our community without hurting the students at all! Run for School Board!

Best Regards,

Tom Zawistowski




Akron, OH – Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, demanded that Republicans vote against the Republican Party plan to move the Ohio Presidential Primary back one week next March.  Zawistowski said “This smacks of back-room Chicago stye politics by the Kasich machine which is designed to deny the votes of hundreds of thousands of Republican voters in next years primary.  The bottom line, the vote today is about John Kasich’s out of control ego and his distain for the Constitution. They are doing this so that the Primary next year will be “winner take all”. Meaning if John Kasich win’s 30% of the vote and Scott Walker wins 25% of the vote and Rand Paul wins 20% of the vote and Ted Cruz wins 15% – John Kasich get ALL the delegates. If you voted for Walker or Paul our Cruz your vote counts for nothing. We will see how many Republicans in the Ohio House have the courage to stand for Liberty and defend the votes of the citizens in their district against Kasich’s tyranny.  We need need 16 votes to defeat this measure. All citizens should be outraged enough to call their House member right now and tell them to defend your rights.”

Four Key Ohio TEA Party Leaders Urge NO Vote by House on Budget


Ohio Citizens PAC

P.O. Box 6211

Akron, OH 44312

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Akron, OH – Today four key Ohio TEA Party Leaders urged the Ohio House to vote NO on the state budget proposal and asked citizens to call their House members and encourage them to kill this outrageous spending bill. The vote on the budget is expected to be taken this Thursday, April 23, 2015.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC said, “Glenn Newman, President of the Ohio Liberty Coalition; Ted Stevenot, President of Ohio Rising; John McAvoy, President of the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition; and I, are urging the Ohio House to vote NO on the proposed budget this Thursday. This budget will not only continue the illegitimate expansion of Obamacare in Ohio by our liberal Republican Governor’s failed implementation of Medicaid Expansion, but it will increase the size of state government to historic levels. With inflation at 1.6% how can a so-called Republican Governor and Super-Majority Republican Ohio House vote for a budget that grows by 9.6% in 2016 and an additional 3.9% in 2017? How many Ohio taxpayers are seeing their income increase 9.6% per year or even 3.9%?”

Zawistowski then made a call to action, “We would hope that Liberty Group members and other budget conscious citizens will take the time to protect their wallets and call their Representatives on Wednesday. Ask them directly why they would support Obamacare when the vast majority of Ohioans are against it, it doesn’t work and we can’t afford it? Ask them how they justify growing our state government spending by $10 billion dollars – up from the $26.2 billion spent in 2011 to $36 billion in 2017? This is simply outrageous. Worse yet, our state’s dependence on federal dollar will reach 36% of total state spending under this budget plan. Ohio is growing our nation’s debt by becoming a welfare state. That federal money is borrowed from our children and younger voters should be outraged by this generational theft. No true Republican can be this reckless about spending. They must vote NO on Thursday or face the wrath of conservative voters next year in the Republican primary.”


Kasich Claims about Cuyahoga County are Misleading and Factually Inaccurate


Akron, OH – Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, today exposed the facts about Ohio Governor John Kasich’s misleading claims about his election results in the 2014 Election. Zawistowski provided results from Cuyahoga County that show that Kasich got even less people to vote for him in Cuyahoga County than Mitt Romney did and would actually have no chance of winning Ohio if he were the Republican nominee.

Zawistowski said “Here are the facts on John Kasich in Cuyahoga County. Mitt Romney got 190,660 votes in Cuyahoga County in 2012, John Kasich only got 172,319 in his pretend “land slide” election victory.  Kasich didn’t get anyone in Cuyahoga County to vote for him, he got them to NOT vote for him!  447,273 Cuyahoga County voters voted for Barack Obama in 2012. No sane person believes that those voters would come out and vote for John Kasich for President.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying, “As we documented after the 2014 election, nearly 1,000,000 Ohioans were motivated to not vote at all by John Kasich’s campaign and record and those people would come out and vote against him in a Presidential election where they actually had a Democrat for which to vote. Secondly, 88,000 Ohioans who actually went to the polls choose NOT to vote for Kasich and left their ballot blank, which is more than his margin of victory of 77,000 in 2010. John Kasich is no Scott Walker but the Karl Rove Establishment wing of the Republican Party are going to makes sure that Kasich splits the Walker vote to make sure Jeb Bush wins the nomination. All Conservatives need to understand, a vote for Kasich is a vote for Jeb Bush.”




March 31, 2015

Akron, OH –  Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, spoke out today against the hypocrisy of the left with its unwarranted and ill-informed attacks on Indiana and Religious Freedom.  Zawistowski said “The media knows, and the facts prove, that the largest group being discriminated against in America today are Christians and Jews.  Not Muslims, not blacks, not gays – Christians and Jews. They are being unfairly stereotyped as haters and bigots and the source of discrimination in America. They are being forced out of our schools, our government and our universities by anti-American extremists on the left. It is Muslims who discriminate against women and gays, it is blacks who’s hate for white police officers are being stoked by fabricated untruths about Ferguson and other cases, it is gays who want to force their life style on Christians and take away their 1st Amendment right to Religious Freedom. We applaud the Indiana Legislature and Governor for defending Religious Freedom because it is under attack.” 

Zawistowski continued by saying “The symbol of justice is a scale. It signifies that there must be a balance between the rights of one group, or one person, and another. The Indiana law strikes that balance, that is what the outrages the left and the media. The Indiana law does not discriminate against gays or anyone else, it does “Restore” the fact the Religious Freedom is a fundamental right not to be infringed by other rights.  The radical regressive left doesn’t want equal rights, it wants to dominate other citizens, to force people to do what “they” say – and they do it by claiming that the opposite is true.  This tactic is right out of “rules for radicals” and the media is either complicit or foolish enough to buy the lie. We are not. Gays and the anti-American left are the bullies and the hypocrites and the bigots – not Christians and Jews.”

Zawistowski concluded by saying “Apple’s gay CEO Tim Cook threatens the people of Indiana for not doing what he wants them to do against there will, but he sells Apple products in Russian and China and Saudi Arabia where they kill gays just for being gay – how disengenuous.  The NCAA can litterally use black youth as slaves to earn them billions in profits without giving the vast majority of them even an education, and then have the gall to speak down to the people of Indiana about descrimination. The NAACP can shout the lie “Hands Up Dont’s Shoot” and claim “Black Lives Matter” then do nothing about the black-on-black genocide in our American cities.  Connecticut’s despicable Governor can attack the new Indiana law knowing full well that his state has an even tougher Religious Freedom law because for the left truth does not matter, only forcing their will on others matters. This is not about gay rights at all, this is about using gays as a tool to destroy religion in America so that all citizens must answer to the state, not a higher power. We will not be bullied. We will not give up our rights. We will not believe your lies. We will defend our rights, and the right of all Americans, to practice our religion in public and in our daily lives. God bless America and God bless Governor Pence and the good people of Indiana. All true Americans stand with you.”


Letter to Speaker Boehner asking his support for Medicare Part D

March 7, 2014

Speaker John Boehner
House office Building # H-232
The Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

Dear Speaker Boehner,

I am writing to you today to express our organization’s concerns about possible changes to the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. One of the rare entitlement programs that is structured to embrace free market principles, Part D successfully serves seniors – including the truly needy and many members and/or relatives of the TEA Party movement in our state. As you well know, after more than a decade of operation costs, Part D costs 45% less than was projected when it was enacted. Average monthly premiums paid by seniors have remained well below projections and have remained stable for a number of years. That’s an excellent record. One that should not be changed.

The failed Obamacare program has Democrats searching for new ways to extort money from taxpayers and it is our understanding that they would like to eliminate the free-market elements of the Medicare Part D program and replace them with more government controls. Again government wanting to pick winners and losers among the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies – all at a higher cost to seniors. Our organization is asking you to defend the free market and our conservative values by making sure no changes to Medicare Part D are inserted into any future budget plan. This is not an area that is open to “compromise.” Let’s focus on fixing federal programs that are broken instead of breaking programs that actually work.

Best Regards,

Thomas R. Zawistowski
Ohio Citizens PAC

I am concerned about Obama wanting to change Medicare Part D and raising prescription costs for seniors many of whom are in our Liberty Movement . . .

Dear Patriot,

I am concerned about Team Obama wanting to change Medicare’s Prescription Drug Program known as Medicare Part D.  One of the rare entitlement programs that is structured to embrace free market principles, Part D successfully serves seniors – including the truly needy.  Yet after more than a decade of operation costs, Part D costs 45% less than was projected when it was enacted.  Average monthly premiums paid by seniors have remained well below projection and have remained stable for a number of years.  That’s an amazing record for ANY federal program!

I know that many of our Liberty Group members have benefited from Medicare Part D. When my Mother-in-Law was in her last years it really helped with her medications.

Part D’s free market model is simple. Competing insurance companies have designed a variety of plans from which seniors can choose. Each plan offers different benefits at different price points and with different co-pays. Seniors have real choice and can select a plan that serves their individual needs.

Each plan has an incentive to offer good quality and a fair price to seniors.  If they do not, seniors will choose another company.  The insurance companies in turn have an economic incentive to drive the best bargain they can with the drug manufacturers, thus holding down the cost of prescription drugs.This free-market structure has been extremely effective.

But proponents of big government say – we cannot have that – we have to get government more involved.  That’s why the Obama Administration wants to interfere in the free market negotiations between plans and drug manufacturers which we know will undermine the program.  Likewise, proposals to impose “rebates,” which are essentially tax increases, threaten Part D’s success.

We need to defend the free market principles in Medicare Part D.  I am asking you and members of your group to join me, and other conservatives around the country, in keeping the Obama Administration from messing with Medicare Part D.  If you use Medicare Part D, or have a parent or other relative that does, and want to help me defend it please click on this link to find out what you can do to help. I would greatly appreciate it!

Best Regards,

Tom Zawistowski


You can find out more about this issues at these links:

• The Heartland Institute has setup this webpage

• Americans for Prosperity

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• Daily Caller

Husted raises concerns about Illegal voters in Ohio

Dear Friends,

Recently, I delivered a letter to President Obama concerning his executive actions on immigration, which dramatically expand the potential for illegal voter registrations in Ohio. Today in Washington, D.C., I testified during a congressional hearing to further voice those concerns.

As the chief elections official for the state of Ohio, I simply cannot allow this expanding loophole to go unaddressed. Anyone who doubts the impact of this risk should consider this: 72 Ohio counties conducted recounts in the last three statewide elections alone. Of those cases, 51 officials and 19 issues were decided by just one vote or tied.
I take my responsibility to safeguard Ohio’s elections system very seriously. The recent executive actions could jeopardize the integrity of our voter rolls. I hope you will join me in demanding that only eligible voters be able to vote in our federal, state and local elections.I promise to remain committed to my responsibility to all Ohioans: Making it easy to vote and hard to cheat.



Jon Husted

P.S. You can read my letter to President Obama by clicking here and you can read my testimony by clicking here.