Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party-affiliated We the People Convention, today challenged the integrity of the proposed 18¢ per gallon increase in Ohio’s gasoline tax. The proposal put forward by Republican Governor Mike DeWine also includes built-in future increases based on the Consumer Price Index. The need for the tax increase is being blamed on the failure to address the issue by former Governor John Kasich.


Zawistowski said, “You know when Republicans are rushing legislation through that the fix is in. It is unconscionable for the Ohio House to even consider voting on this bill as early as this Thursday, March 7, 2019. We don’t even know for sure how much we actually need for road and bridge repair, nor has there been any discussion of how to deal with a future that includes electric and higher gas mileage vehicles and what they should pay for road use. Nothing has been discussed about how a gas tax increase affects rural citizens disproportionately because they have to drive further to get everywhere. Yes, all Ohioans want good roads and bridges; yes, a usage tax is more fair than most other taxes; but if this was really about good governance and seriously addressing these issues, there would be time and opportunity for community input.”

Zawistowski continued by saying, “No, they don’t want to have any discussion of those things, because the fact is that this bill is nothing but payback to the Democrat Unions who supported DeWine’s and, more aggressively, Republican Speaker Larry Householder’s election in November. Democrat Unions gave Householder hundreds of thousands of dollars, not only to win his election, but to help elect dozens of other House members who would vote for Householder for Speaker and are “expected” to vote for this tax increase. Now that bill has come due and DeWine and Householder are going to stick We the People with that $3 Billion bill. Any Republican that does vote for this tax increase will have broken their tax pledge which will stay on their record forever. We urge every Ohio citizen to call their House member immediately to remind them of their pledge and let them know how you feel about this huge tax increase.”

Zawistowski concluded, “Even if the gas tax ends up being 10¢ or 12¢ and is not indexed, real “Republicans” would make an effort to offset this tax with tax cuts elsewhere in the budget. However, after hearing Governor DeWine’s State of the State address today, it is clear that his administration is going to tax and spend just like Democrats – with the support of the “Republican” House and Senate. Political pundits like to say that Ohio is a “Republican State” because “Republicans” hold the vast majority of public offices. We the People know that Ohio is not a “Red State”, we are a RINO State, just like we were for eight years under the fraudulent previous Governor John Kasich who also paid off the Democrat Unions for his re-election with his Turnpike deal. The Democrats aren’t stupid, they know they can’t win state offices in Ohio, so they just buy them, and they get everything they need, if not everything they want. That’s why DeWine pledged to veto any “Right to Work” legislation, and you watch what happens next as Householder moves to bail out Ohio’s nuclear plants because he also got big money from First Energy. Republican voters bought a bill of goods last election, and this is just the first example of what is coming the next eight years.”

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander!

For Immediate Release: Monday, March 4, 2019

Ohio TEA Party Leader Suggests List for Senate Judiciary Committee to Investigate

Akron, OH: In response to the list of Trump related people and organizations that the Democrat/Socialist controlled US House Judiciary Committee released today sending “document requests to the following (81) people and entities related to its investigation into the alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power by President Trump, his associates, and members of his administration.” Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, put together a list of people and organizations who Senator Lindsey Graham should subpoena to testify in front of the Republican Controlled Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Zawistowski said, “It is time to employ one of Sal Alinsky’s, and the regressive Left’s, favorite tactics: “Force your opponents to live by their own rules.”  The Democrat/Socialists have just defined what the rules are for Presidential candidates and campaigns going forward, and we should be more than happy to make them play by the rules they have now established. Senator Graham, it’s time to let American citizens see who really is corrupt, who broke the law, who obstructed justice and who abused power on both sides! I sincerely hope the good Senator, for the sake of our nation, has the guts to live up to his threat to investigatethe Democrat/Socialist if they continued to unjustly attack the President and everyone ever associated with him.”

Zawistowski’s list of suggestions for Senator Graham’s Judiciary Committee to “Investigate alleged obstruction of justice, public corruption, and abuses of power by President Barack Obama, Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, all current Democratic/Socialist Presidential Candidates, their associates, and members of the previous administration” is as follows:

1. Hillary Clinton
2. Bill Clinton
3. Chelsea Clinton

4. Marc Mezvinsky
5. The Clinton Foundation

6. John Podesta
7. Tony Podesta
8. Robby Mook
9. Jake Sullivan

10. Donna Brazil
11. Jennifer Palmer
12. Joel Benenson

13. Perkins Coie Law Firm
14. Marc Elias
15. Bob Bauer

16. Michal Sussman
17. Crowdstike Cybertechnology
18. Glenn Simpson
19. Mary Jacoby
20. Peter Fritsch
21. Nelli Orr
22. Thomas Catan
23. Niel King
24. Fusion GPS
25. Christopher Steele
26. Edward Baumgartner
27. Chris Burrows
28. Pablo Miller
29 Orbis Business Intelligence
30. David Kramer
31. Daniel Jones
32. Sidney Blumenthal
33. Cody Shearer
34. David Corn
35. Michael Isikoff
36. Susan Rice
37. Samantha Power
38. Ben Rhodes
39. Valerie Jarret
40. Eric Holder
41. Dennis McDonough
42. Shailagh Murray
43. Loretta Lynch
44. Jim Comey
45. Robert Muller
46. John Kerry
47. Victoria Nuland
48. Johnathan Winer
49. Elizaberth Dibble
50. Evelyn Farakas
51. Barack Obama
52. Sally Yates
53. Mary McCord
54. David Laufman
55. John Carlin
56. Tashina Guahar
57. Rod Rosenstein
58. Andrew McCab
59. James Baker
60. Michael Gaeta
61. Greg Brower
62. Josh Campbell
63. Bill Preistap
64. John Brennan
65. James Clapper
66. Alexander Downer
67. Louis Susman
68. Stefan Halper
69. Joseph Misfud
70. Democratic National Committee
71. Debbie Washerman Shultz
72. Bernie Sanders
73. Elizabeth Warren
74. Joe Biden
75. Michael Bloomberg
76. John Hikenlooper
77. Amy Klobuchar
78. Cory Booker
79. Kamala Harris
80. Julian Castro
81. Uranium One Energy
82. George Soros
83. Alexander Soros
84. Open Society Foundation

85. Tom Stayer
86. Barack Obama Inaugural Committee
87. Google
88. Facebook
89. Organizing for Action
90. Scott Foval
91. Americans United for Change